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Blade & Soul Stressful community

Blogginnlegg   •   feb 02, 2016 04:40 CET

I will preface this post by saying I'm not calling Blade And Soul Gold anyone or any group out for anything, nor is this meant as an angry rant or whine or whatever. Actually I'm just curious about other people's opinions on it (seeing if I'm alone or not) and am interested maybe in a personal solution for myself (other than "ignore it").

So! I'm brand new to this genre of gaming (calling it the "hypercompetitive multiplayer" sub-genre, same vein as League or Starcraft where leaderboards and rankings and moving up are the actual objects of the game, etc), I got into Blade&Soul because I'm a junkie for Dark Souls PvP but also wanted to try something I've never tried before, the feeling of being a complete beginner again in something sounded fun. The only other MMO I've ever played was Mabinogi (made by Nexon, the creators of MapleStory) which was strictly NOT competitive, it was a very old and tired MMO but filled with a small community of really nice and extremely social people, to the point that many active players recognized each other's usernames just seeing them out and about over time. I humorously make the analogy that moving from Mabi to B&S is a lot like moving from the country out into a sprawling downtown metropolis, having never even been in one before.

*takes a sip of coffee*

Currently I'm a Level 40 KFM, have done the Blade And Soul Premium Membership PvP Arena for a bit (specifically after getting absolutely frustrated with open-world Faction PvP and being ganked and then spawncamped and then called names by griefers 10-20 levels higher than me every time I run dailies) and the Arena is SO MUCH FUN in comparison! Combat-wise it is everything I hoped for and more, even when I get completely blown up by a better player, it has a lot of the same positive feeling I have in Dark Souls's arena or when I invade a good player and we fight one-on-one. I do get frustrated during a blowup when I have no idea why the other guy just stunned me or avoided some attack I did, etc, which I'm pretty certain is from me being a newbie and needing to learn the matchups, just like my earliest days in Dark Souls, thinking I could running-attack a guy casting Dark Bead and it ending remotely well (that spell works like a shotgun and frequently one-shots players that are right in melee range, when all five orbs hit him at once before they spread out when fired). Even last night I finally beat a Blade Dancer running an Evasion build or using whatever that skill was that grants him all that immunity to stun attacks! I feel like I'm learning the "don'ts" a little at a time.