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Emerging artist shares the stage with world star Drake!

Blogginnlegg   •   mai 02, 2016 21:39 CEST

Emerging Toronto artist opens for the renowned world star Drake. The masked musician places his microphone towards one of the stage speakers, the microphone feedback leads to THIS reaction!

Video 2:

The masked musician known as Sickick shocks the crowd as he creates harmony out of a sound which most people cannot stand. He takes his passion for music and composes magic with just about any sound.The Toronto based artist who has been making great strides recently just finished recording the video for his new single “Roll Through” which will be featured on Much Music. He also just opened for multi-platinum recording artist Drake in his respective hometown of Toronto.

Sickick has generated over 200k followers across social media, with over 10 million hits on Youtube and over 2 million on Soundcloud. With a rapid growth in views, and subscribers he calls “The Sickick Army”; the year of 2016 will only be filled with more growth and achievements.