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MapleStory ​Familiar Improvements In Reboot

Blogginnlegg   •   jan 28, 2016 09:59 CET

Familiar Improvements In Reboot

Hoping to get improvements to familiar drop rate and damage. The drop rate of familiars, particularily higher level ones, is so astronomically low that getting them might as well be an already failed mission. I killed thousands of Chief qualm Guardians on x2 with a spider and not 1 familiar. The drop rate is much to low (seems to affect monsters over lv120, ones below lv120 have a fair drop rate in my opinion).

And the damage output of familiars against Reboot mobs makes them useless for anything aside from the buffing effects and MAYBE their debuffs they sometimes give on attack. I know most people use familiars strictly for the abilities anyways, but if a Cheap MapleStory Mesos lv175 familiar is only going to hit 30k, it might as well not be able to attack at all, considering that damage does nothing against other lv175 mobs.