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Maplestory kept crashing, non respond sometimes

Blogginnlegg   •   feb 01, 2016 09:19 CET

Is it just me or not that recently with the few updates and such, my maplestory Mesos has been crashing so much for no reason? I am guarantee to disconnect everytime I go into starplanet, specifically going into mini game hall and walking then boom, disconnect EVERYTIME, then second time i go back in i'm fine.

Sometimes the game would freeze and go nonrespond for a few second then come back to normal, sometimes it'd go nonrespond then window pop up to close the program, same thing happen sometimes when i go into cash shop... heck even when i exit out of game the window to say the game crashed and needs to be closed pops up.

Every map i load in, i walk a sec then huge lag...then i walk a bit more, second lag comes in then i'm good to go...

Is this because I'm playing in 1366x768 window mode? I'm not lagging at all, i'm playing High Performance power plan, also using the nexon launcher program. :C