Quick comparison Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and MeaWallet payment enabled app's/wallet's

Blog post   •   Mar 24, 2015 11:33 CET

Below is a quick comparison table for mobile payment in-store using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay (will be available after this summer) and app's and wallet's mobile payment enabled using MeaWallet.

Apple PaySamsung PayApp's/wallet's payment
enabled by MeaWallet
How to start payment TouchPOS with Phone
and screen will turn on
and start Apple Pay
1.Start app swiping upwards
 from bottom of screen
 2.Choose card to pay with, swiping from left to right
Press button on mobile to ligtning up the screen and payment app starts
Perform a payment transactionPress Touch ID and touch mobile to POS again1. Swipe finger over touch sensor on mobile               2. Touch mobile to POSTouch mobile to POS
Payment done via preferred payment cardChoose cardPayment done via preferred payment card
Where to pay (regions)USAUSA + South Korea Globally, all merchants/POS that accepts PayPass and payWave
POSWorks on all contactless EMV terminalsWorks on 90% of existing and all contactless EMV terminalsWorks on all contactless EMV terminals
Mobile modelsiPhone 6 models, Apple WatchSamsung 6 modelsAll Android 4.4+ with NFC and HCE support