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The trainees in Iceland – part I (Serious business)

Blogginnlegg   •   aug 25, 2015 09:18 CEST

The blog post was written by Raghed Saadieh (2nd year trainee). 

Our six trainees went on a week training in Iceland, that included plant visit, waterfall tour, presentation training and introduction to Elkem.

For many people out there, it was a typical Monday morning. However, for us, Elkem trainees, it was the day we were so looking forward too. Finally, we were going to Iceland for the trainee gathering. We met at the airport, the second year trainees Benedicte, Lise and myself (Raghed) and three new fresh faces filled with excitement Espen, Heidi and Marie as the first year trainees. Moreover, both the trainee coordinator Rolf and HR- coordinator Anne-Mette joined us. Later on, Elkem’s communication advisor Marit joined us for a couple of days.
The trainee gathering took place on 10th-15th august 2015, in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík.

Mr. Rolf and us at Gullfoss waterfalls

During the first two days, we went through a couple of small courses and presentations. We began with a small introduction of Elkem followed by a short course in presentation technique. Then it was time for the trainees to introduce themselves. The second year trainees went first and talked about interesting projects they completed during that period and the first year trainees went through their master thesis. At the end of the second day, Marit introduced us to Elkem's policy regarding both internal and external communications.

On Wednesday, it was time to visit one of Elkem’s biggest plants, Elkem Iceland. We were greeted by the HR-manager followed by the plant manager, who gave us afterwards one of the best motivational and inspirational presentations I have ever listened to. After a huge dose of positive energy, we began the plant tour. After completing the tour, we went through two short presentations about Elkem business system (EBS) and the health, safety and environment (HSE) policy at Elkem Iceland. We ended our visit by a short feedback/improvements session. Overall, it was a very interesting day!

Elkem Iceland

On Friday, the first year trainees went through Elkem onboarding program with Anne-Mette. Whereas we, the second year trainees,
were busy working on the trainees blog! This was the last work related meeting held during the gathering. On Saturday’s morning, we flew back to Norway.

Introducing the trainees to Elkem onboarding program

Stay tuned for Part II!