Under Attack!

Blogginnlegg   •   okt 05, 2012 15:36 CEST

By Daniel Vadet Hansen

I am sure you have all been reading lots of articles and posts about the shift in power from the enterprise to the customer. How customers now actually control brand perception, as they are now armed with “weapons of mass destruction”. The “weapon” is of course social media, and it resides in every device with a web browser.

The threat is real

A popular story where the weapon analogy gets particularly strong is when a customer pulls up his cell phone at the hotel reception, “loads” it with Tripadvisor and makes demands of the check-in staff. The age of the customer is upon us, no question about it!

Enemy @ the gates!

“We had the perfect set up. Great, structured CRM processes, customized dialogues and almost full control of the marketing channels, and then social media came and ruined it all!” All of us responsible for brands can choose to deal with this new reality, or not. Not dealing with it is a very bad idea, pretty much like sticking your head in the sand and wait for certain death. The challenge is that dealing with it is hard. It takes time and money, it gets ever more complex, and there is no way you can get what you really want: regaining full control of your brand!

Social CRM Game plan: rearrange your “booth camp”

There are of course some solutions available today, several of which you can find excellent input to on this blog. In short you need to embark on a CRM 2.0 project,  where feedback mechanisms, social engagement and touch point measurements becomes the core of designing and executing your company’s customer experience. Hard work, but you just have to get started.

Mine sweeping behind your own lines

HOWEVER; the world’s best solutions and processes can’t help you if you don`t have good troops to manage your brand. Customer service is for many companies the most important differentiator in terms of customer experience. This means your frontline employees really have to know the drill. Are you sure they do? Are they armed with the right tools to engage? And even more important; do you have any rotten apples?

Up in flames

Recently a large telecom provider got into trouble by not knowing the drill. After a support call, the customer got the following chocking sms from the telecom provider: “Hope you burn in hell”. Obviously not the best of days for the frontline worker… The second sms was an automated one: “We would like to improve. How happy were you with our service?” The customer had, of course, decided to switch to another telecom provider regardless of their efforts, probably bringing her friends and family with her, along with others who got upset from the public story it turned into.

Lessons learned?

  1. Face the new reality, and make sure to stop the blood loss
  2. Be aware and take actions with regards to the weapons your customers carry
  3. Don`t forget to look for the ticking bombs behind your own lines!


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