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Wait for the Blade And Soul gold to hongmoon coin system to show up

Blogginnlegg   •   jan 30, 2016 06:36 CET

You don't HAVE to spend money though.

They charge what people will pay. And people are obviously paying. Wait for the Blade And Soul gold to hongmoon coin system to show up, then you'll be able to buy stuff in the store with ingame currency.

Do you have reading comprehension problems? This is about discussing the mechanics of the hongmoon store. I have the right to address something that should be looked into. If im spending my cash on a virtual costume i should be able to transfer that over like hundreds of other F2P games. The use of the hongmoon store is disgusting, and if you read what i wrote you would see that i encouraged the use of microtransactions... just not the way they are doing it. Please don't reply if you still can't understand.

They make more money if you have to buy a costume for every character. People will still do this. I know it sucks and I wish they'd change it but that's a decision they made.

I'd much rather pay premium price for a costume right out then spend 5 times more on shitty RNG boxes.

Ok now we are starting to understand each other.

I agree with premium price over RNG boxes, however, usually those RNG items stay in your account after you get them. In BnS if you buy a cool costume you basically can't delete that character or you are forced to buy more slots or just quit the game because you are tired of the few classes you spent your money and time on and are not interested in spending money over the requested amount (because NCOIN store only allows you to buy in increments so buying NCOINS itself is its own little milker) to gain an additional slot.