ASIS 2016: Challenging and Changing the Communications Industry

News   •   Sep 29, 2016 10:25 CEST

The 62nd annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits took place the week of September 11 in Orlando, Florida. The date was a reminder of the purpose of the risk, resilience and security industry: to protect the lives and assets of the global community. Thousands of physical and cyber security professionals attended, eager to learn the latest innovations, make connections, and gain new knowledge around risk mitigation in today’s evolving landscape.

Your Scorecard for Intelligibility

The event’s tagline was 360 Vision – Security’s Full Spectrum of Solutions. On the exhibit floor, hundreds of product vendors displayed the features and functions of their solutions. Zenitel decided to do something very different: We offered a “scorecard” to the industry for the critical communications solution category to allow consultants, integrators, and security executives the means by which to objectively evaluate the technology on the exhibit floor. The evaluation criteria were gathered through an industry survey and vetted by subject matter experts, some of which were interviewed by the security media at the Zenitel booth including Louis Noriega, ex-CIO of the Port of Miami and Jeff Slotnick, CPP, PSP, President of OR3M, a Security Consulting, Training and Technology company and a contributor to the Organizational Resilience Standard published by ASIS.

Benchmark and measure a critical communication solution before you invest resources and budget

“The critical communications market is rapidly evolving in response to global risk conditions and the blending of operational workflow, safety and security needs”, said Jim Hoffpauir, President of Zenitel USA and SVP Sales & General Manager of Building Security & Safety for the Zenitel Group. “It is much like the early market expansion of IP Video over analog that began 10 years ago. The misinformation is causing confusion. Bad audio is norm. After speaking with consultants and integrators around the country, we believe it is time to start a conversation on how to truly benchmark and measure a critical communication solution before you invest resources and budget. We intend this to challenge all of us in this market to a higher standard.”

The following are the key pillars of the Critical Communication Scorecard that were on display at the Zenitel booth:
1. Intelligibility. “This is #1 for a reason”, said Hoffpauir. “Your communication must not only be heard, but it must be understood in every situation. You cannot predict the level of noise or disruptive conditions that might occur on your campus or in your buildings. This is a mission critical element to any communications solution and it must not fail. “
2. Interoperability. “Your communication tools must work with other enterprise systems including access control, video, and VoIP-based phone systems”, said Hoffpauir. “This must not just be an API listed on a data sheet. You must see this evidenced by the vendor’s business model and through its investments in securing the trust of the leaders in these areas.”
3. The ‘Ilities’. “Since we are a leader in IP Communications, we have had many discussions with CIOs and Data Center IT Directors”, said Hoffpauir. “They understand the importance of the term ‘critical’. They are asking for high availability, scalability, reliability and maintainability so that any threat is confronted with a secure and robust communication response at the time of need.”

Demonstrating Intelligibility

Due to the focus on intelligibility, the theme of the Zenitel booth was clearly highlighted at the top of the display: “Hear, Be Heard, and Be Understood, Everytime”. Zenitel also delivered a challenge to the attendees: “Hear the Difference”. Meeting this challenge head on, Zenitel showcased the crystal clear communication power of the Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine IP Intercom with two live active noise reduction demonstrations in the booth, along with other communication solutions in the experience center. Attendees were excited by the ability to hear, be heard, and be understood during the bustling, noisy event. “Vingtor-Stentofon’s technology sets a higher benchmark for the industry,” explains Dan Rothrock, SVP of Strategic Alliances. “Our focus is not on what others are building. Our focus is on evolving the industry to meet the needs of the consumer. To hear, be heard, and be understood, every time.”