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Continua Health Alliance becomes Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA)

Nyhet   •   des 18, 2015 13:32 CET

In 2016 the Continua Health Alliance will become the Personal Connected Health Alliance, or PCHA. To more effectively advance the interoperable ecosystem for personal connected health, Continua joined with mHealth Summit and HIMSS to build PCHA as a new organisation. This organisation will combine and leverage the strength of Continua’s interoperability guidelines with the capacity and reach of HIMSS, a global membership organisation advancing eHealth, and the outreach opportunities offered by mHealth Summits.

As a result, beginning in 2016 you will hear from us under the name of PCHA. The Continua website will move to the domain www.pchalliance.org, and so will the email addresses of Continua’s professionals (after 1 January 2016 you can reach us at europe@pchalliance.org). However, Continua guidelines will remain the Continua guidelines, and Continua’s certification programme for compliant devices will retain its name and logo as well. For countries considering building their telehealth systems on Continua guidelines, nothing will change.