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Environmental action plan for the housing and building sector

Nyhet   •   des 01, 2009 14:12 CET

Building for the future, the Governments new environmental action plan for the housing and building sector was launched in September. The plan is now available in English.

Many government sectors play a part in determining how environmental performance in the housing and building sector develops. The environmental action plan combines a number of plans issued by various ministries and agencies concerning environmental efforts in the housing and building sector. The plan is valid for the period 2009–2012.

Central government authorities define important constraints for environment-friendly planning, construction and opera¬tion through legislation, loans and subsidies, taxation policy, information and training. Support for experimental build¬ing projects, pilot projects and research, development and knowledge generation are key input factors to improve envi¬ronmental performance in the sector. The state is also a major property developer and owner. In this way, the central gov¬ernment can lead the way with good examples that can affect how other property developers and owners follow up.

The central government authorities have a duty to collaborate to ensure that the overall policy towards the construction and property industry is coordinated and effective. The purpose of the environmental action plan is to help ensure this happens.

All the players in the housing and building sector must work towards the same goals for this plan to be implemented to the scope intended by the authorities. In this context, it is im¬portant that the public sector players lead the way by follow¬ing up the plan of action for environmental and social respon-sibility in public procurement.

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will regularly publish information on its website about the main aspects of the implementation of the plan.

Building for the future. Environmental action plan for the housing and building sector 2009–2012.