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Esri Apps – Making ArcGIS Available everywhere

Nyhet   •   des 02, 2015 19:00 CET

One of the things that is making ArcGIS come alive is apps. Apps are opening it up, making it available to everybody in your organization, including the public. Esri has three main areas that they are working on: field apps, office apps, and apps for citizen or public engagement.

The Collector is great, but where do you go? There is a navigator app. Then; what do you do when you get there? There is a workforce app. All these work hand-in-hand to support field workers.

In the office, there are many improvements. For the public, you have already heard about story maps and maybe the open data app. In addition, new crowdsourcing apps that allow you to empower getting the voice of the crowd and integrating it directly into GIS is important.

Relax! They are all Connected!

84 % of the community uses a smart phone. This makes it natural and necessary to provide maps on these devices. A great thing is that these apps are connected, guiding you into an app that fits into your workflow.


Apps = Workflows

Previously; all tools were put into the same app. Luckily, this time has passed. The functionality in the different apps are now focusing on the various workflows, the user needs and technical level. We can provide focused apps to our users. They are easy to use which reduces the need for training and lots of frustration.

App where you are - when you need it

For the user, it’s crucial finding the right app. Because they are all connected, the users will be guided to the right app based on their task. They will not be bothered with functionality they do not need, and based on where they are in the workflow, they are sent to the right app automatically.

AppStudio for ArcGIS: Create Your own app without writing code

In addition to connected apps, Esri has a new release in App Studio for ArcGIS. With AppStudio, you can configure apps meeting your organizations workflows, users and needs. Do not worry whether your colleagues or customers have an iPhone, Samsung or Nokia! Configure the app, and make it available on App Store or Google Play simultaneously!

Say goodbye to "the big ugly app"

Whether you are using one of Esri’s standard apps or creating your own via App Studio for ArcGIS, the best solution is seldom one common app for your organization. Say goodbye to the «big ugly app» containing all functionality! The technology is ready to support all users and workflows, and best of all; they are connected!