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Implementing a WMS at express speed. Our customers’ advantage

Nyhet   •   aug 08, 2013 13:10 CEST

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An express implementation is based on Consafe Logistics' experience from hundreds of implementations. The method can prove to be particularly profitable and successful for small and medium-sized businesses by providing a faster WMS implementation with better results and strong risk management.

There are basically two ways to implement a WMS or other standard IT-system. One is through many discussions and workshops with the customer. The second is based on the supplier's experience with best practices and requires less participation from our clients.

"It is important to consider implementation tactics, because it will have a great effect on the overall cost and business value of the implemented solution", says Fredrik Ohm, Manager, Projects, Consafe Logistics. He adds: "How do we jointly create the best value? This is the main question at the start of all implementation projects".

Highest value for our customers

According to Fredrik Ohm Consafe Logistics uses both ways to implement a system. The first method or approach has the advantage that the company knows its own processes, and it is the knowledge that is collected in the preliminary study that sets the agenda for the specification of requirements for implementing the WMS.

"This method assumes that the customer makes the necessary staff resources available,"

says Consultant Manager, Johan Krantz.

The second method – the express method – is based on Consafe Logistics’ extensive experience from hundreds of implementations, which our consultants make available to the customer.

This method has limited requirements for customer participation and requires the customer to have confidence in knowing that Consafe Logistics implements best practices.

The express method sometimes leads to a higher need for user training in the system after implementation, an impact often seen as positive since user efficiency in the new system quickly increases.

Never “either-or”

Both consultants stress that it is never an either-or situation. There is always talk about the mix or grade between a customer-defined solution and a solution based on Consafe Logistics' experience. "It is about how much the customer wants or has the resources to participate in the implementation," says Johan Krantz.

"We will always challenge our customers along the way. Especially if we see that there is a risk of developing functionalities that are too time-consuming or complicated compared to the profit generated,"

says Fredrik Ohm.

The procedure for best practice-based implementation, called "Astro the express way" is as follows:

  1. Interview with the customer about business and processes.
  2. The customer gets access to the standard Astro WMS from day 1 to get familiar with the system.
  3. Consafe Logistics configures the system.
  4. Consafe Logistics presents Proof-of-Concept demonstrations directly in the system.
  5. Consafe Logistics and the customer may make a small number adjustments.
  6. The customer can be in safe operation in a matter of months - depending on how much integration with ERP and other systems needed.

Keep it simple

The two consultants stress that customers should not make a WMS implementation more complicated than necessary. They believe there is a value in keeping things simple, because complicated adjustments take time, carry risks, challenge the organization's learning curve and often require more system development after go-live.

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