NEREC 2010

NEREC Innovation Award

Nyhet   •   sep 07, 2010 13:59 CEST

As large numbers of companies are established – not all of them get the deserved attention. Due to the need for supervision and contacts with investors, relevant expertise and potential customers, NEREC offers a separate session – The Green Pitch - at which a handful of new technology companies will present their products to a jury for evaluation. The NEREC Innovation Award includes participation in a large technology and investor conference to be held in Boston later this year.

Last year’s winner experienced a valuable upturn during the company’s stay in Boston. CEO Henning Arnøy of the Norwegian-based WindSea, which is developing an entirely new type of floating offshore wind turbines, says “We had promising dialogue with both research and development and industry experts in the United States – not to mention the local authorities from the State of Maine, who have big plans for wind development offshore.” An optimistic Arnøy adds that the company is well underway with building on these connections.