Gassnova SF

Nyhetsklipp med fokus på CO2-håndtering fra Gassnova SF, 160211

Nyhet   •   feb 16, 2011 20:11 CET

Nyhetsklipp fra Gassnova 16. februar 2011. Nyhetsbrevet inneholder norske og internasjonale nyheter om teknologier og kostnader for bruk av gass med fanging og lagring av CO2.


Skotske forskere udvikler selvlappende CO2-lagring En 'siver' er sjældent rar at være i nærheden af. Det gælder ikke mindst, hvis der er tale om CO2, som er lagret i undergrunden og i værste fald kan forårsage kvælning. Les mer

Europeiske CCS-eksperter besokte TCM

TCMDA: Noen av de mest respekterte CCS ekspertene i Europa besøkte CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad denne uken. De var veldig imponert over omfanget og kompleksiteten i anlegget under utbygging. Les mer

Gassnova med innlegg på EnergiRike Student temamøte

Gassnova: Temamøtet henvendte seg til studenter i Bergen ved UiB, HIB og NHH i regi av EnergiRike og fant sted på studentsenteret på Universitetet i Bergen. Karlsen presenterte Gassnova og arbeidet med CO2-håndtering. Deretter gjennomgikk han status i (fullskala) prosjekt Transport og lagring av CO2 fra Mongstad. Hans presentasjon og animasjonsfilm finnes på EnergiRikets hjemmesider. Les mer

Vattenfall, Nuon Energy Seek EU Carbon Capture Project Funding

Bloomberg: Vattenfall AB, the Swedish state- owned utility, and Amsterdam-based Nuon Energy NV applied for funds from the sale of 4.4 billion euros ($6 billion) of carbon dioxide permits to help projects that capture emissions. Les mer

Nine UK carbon capture projects bid for EU funds

reuters: (Reuters) - The UK energy ministry received nine applications by a Wednesday deadline for EU funding to build carbon-capture projects in Britain, a ministry spokesman said, with around 4.5 billion euros ($6.16 billion) at stake. Les mer

Carbon Capture Journal Review of 2010

Carbon Capture Journal: - 2010 was a busy year for CCS demonstrations, with several beginning operations and some releasing preliminary test results, however by the end of the year some major projects had been postponed or cancelled altogether. Governments continued to pledge money, with the EU announcing a €4.5 billion fund for clean energy, and the climate talks in Cancun at the end of the year made a landmark decision by opting to include CCS in the Clean Development Mechanism. Les mer

PGE to Seek EU Funds for Building Carbon Capture Plant in Poland

Bloomberg: PGE SA, Poland’s biggest electricity company, said it’s seeking funds for a carbon capture plant from the European Union’s 4.5-billion-euro ($6 billion) program of pollution permits. Les mer

Maersk Oil– plan to make CCS pay for itself

digital energy journal: Maersk Oil believes that it can significantly reduce the costs of carbon capture and storage of carbon dioxide sequestered, by burning gas directly from an oilfield in oxygen, generating electricity, using the resulting CO2 immediately for enhanced oil recovery, and possibly selling the resulting water if it is in a region of water shortage (for example, desert). Les mer

Heriot-watt University Team Close to Solving CO2 Storage Problem

oilvoice: Academics from Heriot-Watt University's Institute of Petroleum Engineering have developed technology that identifies and seals leaks that could occur in carbon dioxide storage sites. The development is designed for companies looking to develop geological carbon dioxide storage sites. When implemented commercially, the technology could be worth tens of millions of pounds and be a crucial element of the fight against climate change.  Les mer

Canadian CCS supremo: We need to build global CCS industry with Europe The EU and Canada should work together to bring controversial carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology onto the global marketplace more quickly, according to the director of Canada's flagship CAN$2 billion CCS programme. Les mer

Clean Coal Task Force issues request for proposals

Wyoming Business Report: The Clean Coal Task Force (CCTF) has issued a new request for proposals (RFP) for research investigating low-emissions and other advanced coal technologies. Les mer

Academics solve problem of sealing carbon dioxide leaks

Edinburgh Evening News: ACADEMICS from Heriot-Watt University's Institute of Petroleum Engineering have developed technology which identifies and seals leaks that could occur in carbon dioxide storage sites. Les mer

Monday 14th of February 2011 9 New Carbon Capture Projects Competing for European Union Funds It is no surprise that there are a lot of companies out there trying to get new carbon capture projects up in running. With the big push that governments around the world are making for these carbon capture projects, it stands to reason that at least some companies would stand up and try to fill the void. Les mer

Offshore giants join SSE carbon storage bid

The Press and Journal: Offshore energy giants Shell and Petrofac have joined an ambitious bid to turn an ageing north-east power station “green” and create hundreds of jobs. Les mer

Carbon capture: a flimsy plaster or the answer to climate change?

the Telegraph: Clean coal sounds like a misnomer. The fossil fuel tends to conjure up images of Chinese power stations puffing out thick clouds of smoke, and grimy-faced Victorian miners. Les mer

Two UK firms seek EU funding for carbon storage

reuters: - Two projects to capture and bury climate-warming carbon from power plants in Scotland have applied for European Union (EU) funding, their backers said on Wednesday. Les mer