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Nyhetsklipp med fokus på CO2-håndtering fra Gassnova SF, 24. april 2013

Nyhet   •   apr 24, 2013 20:22 CEST

Gassnova SF sender hver onsdag ut et eget nyhetsbrev der vi trekker fram de mest sentrale nyhetene innenfor CO2-håndtering i løpet av uken.


Miljøteknologiportalen: Har du et miljøteknologiprosjekt – og trenger gode råd eller finansiering? Denne portalen gir deg det du behøver og viser veien til virkemiddelapparatet. Nedenfor kan du finne relevant finansiering for ditt prosjekt og din bedrift basert på miljøteknologi. Les mer

IEA rapport: review of the status of global non CO2 GHG emissions and mitigation potential

CLIMIT: Som overskriften sier omhandler denne rapporten utslipp av andre drivhusgasser enn CO2; status, prognoser og hvordan disse utslipp kan reduseres. Innlogging: climit / climit Les mer

IEA rapport: overview of the current state and development of CO2 capture technologies in the ironmaking process.

CLIMIT: Rapporten går gjennom status vedr forbedring av kjente teknologier og utvikling av nye. Rapporten ser videre på status vedr CO2-fangst teknologier for jern- og stålindustri. Slike teknologier er ifølge rapporten nødvendig for å gjennomføre signifikante kutt i CO2-utslipp fra denne sektoren. Innlogging climit / climit Les mer

Om CO2 Teknologisenter Mongstad (TCM) på BBC World News

Gassnova: Det er laget en dokumentar på BBC om CO2-håndtering, der det er filmet på TCM. Les mer

Europaparlamentet sa nei til inngrep i kvotesystemet

Europaportalen: Europaparlamentet stemte i plenum tirsdag ned et forslag om å utsette salg av klimakvoter som følge av ubalanse i kvotemarkedet. Les mer

Bellona Europa launches the discussion on the future of CCS in the European Parliament

CarbonCaptureJournal: - On 16 April Bellona Europa and Chris Davies, MEP organized a hearing on the future of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) during the plenary session of the European Parliament. Les mer

IEA - progress towards clean energy stalled

CarbonCaptureJournal: - The rapid expansion of renewable technologies is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak assessment of global progress towards low-carbon energy, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in an annual report to the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM). Les mer


ghgnews: EU Projects Continue to Stumble After CCS Shut Out in First Round of NER 300 Les mer

Iran Plans to Change All Gas Power Plants to Combined Cycle Plants

Cogeneration & Onsite Power Production: Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjou said his ministry plans to change all the country's gas power plants to combined cycle power plants. Les mer

A way to curb global warming: Suck carbon emissions right out of the air?

The Christian Science Monitor: Most efforts to address carbon emissions focus on preventing them from entering the atmosphere in the first place. But how to get rid of CO2 already there? Start-ups are developing prototype air-capture systems. Les mer

Is there a ‘Carbon Bubble’?

The International Herald Tribune (blog): The value of carbon-based investments — many traded publicly — could implode once governments start seriously curbing emissions, bursting what some have dubbed “the carbon bubble.” Les mer

‘Fingerprints’ developed for CO2 emissions?

Gasworld: Surely the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, has no owner as such? Not so in the world of carbon capture and storage. Les mer

Gas touted as cleaner energy source

The Jakarta Post: As Asia grows and develops, many governments are grappling with the environmental impact. Earth Day provides an opportunity to propose several ideas for addressing the region’s environmental challenges. Les mer

Report: UK will need gas in the future – but must avoid 'carbon lock-in'

BusinessGreen: Gas stations are preferable to coal as back-up to renewable energy, but emissions must be kept in check warns Carbon Connect forum Les mer

Technological Advances in Coal-fired Power Plants Revive Interest in Steam Turbines in Asia-Pacific, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Wall st. Journal: Greater clarity on carbon tax policies required for setting up more coal-fired power plants and thereby, uptake of steam turbines Les mer

Continuing role for Natural Gas for UK electricity generation: Report

Commodities Now: An IGEM (The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers) sponsored independent report points to fossil fuels’ important role in the UK’s transition to low carbon electricity over coming decades, but warns of risks. Les mer

Firms 'own unburnable fossil fuels'

BBC: Some 60% to 80% of fossil fuel reserves owned by listed firms could be classed as unburnable if politicians stick to CO2 emission limits, a report warns. Les mer

8th CO2GeoNet Open Forum on CO2 storage pilot projects held in Venice

CarbonCaptureJournal: - Researchers from all over Europe met in Venice on 9-11 April 2013 to present a scientific perspective on the way forward for the geological storage of CO2 in Europe and to discuss progress together with stakeholders. Les mer

Carbon bubble will plunge the world into another financial crisis

The Guardian: Trillions of dollars at risk as stock markets inflate value of fossil fuels that may have to remain buried forever, experts warn. Les mer

CO2 Capture Project study shows regulatory gaps being overcome

CarbonCaptureJournal: - The CCP has made available findings from its latest CCS regulatory study, 'Regulatory Challenges and Key Lessons Learned from Real-World Development of CCS Projects'. Les mer

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