(EN) Bipper’s mobile safety solution launched today

Pressemelding   •   sep 29, 2010 12:32 CEST

Mobile operator Tele2 first in the world to offer unique mobile subscription service for children

(Oslo, September 29, 2010) Norwegian parents, as the first in the world, will get access to Tele2 Bipper – a complete and safe mobile subscription designed for young mobile users. Bipper is an award winning Norwegian invention that allows parents to manage who their children are communicating with and when and how much the phone is being used. It also includes a safety alarm. Tele2 Bipper is recommended by KidsandMedia.

- Tele2 wants to provide a safe mobile environment both for adults and children, and Bipper allows us to be the first mobile operator globally to offer a complete safety solution. Nine out of ten children own a mobile phone and many parents want a service that gives them the ability to set limitations for the youngest users. Tele2 Bipper makes this possible, says Tele2’s CEO Haakon Dyrnes.

Tele2 Bipper is a unique product for families with young children and there is no similar solution on the market today. Bipper provides parents with increased security by letting them set limitations for use, decide who the children can communicate with and, if needed, determine where the mobile phone is located.  The settings are easily administered from a user-friendly web portal (, where parents, among other things, have the ability to create contacts for their children, and set time and usage limits based on how independent the child is.

In addition, parents can create an alarm list with up to five contacts that always can be contacted. If the alarm is activated, the contacts are called sequentially based on order in the contact list until someone answers the phone. All of the contacts on the alarm list will also receive a text message with a link showing the mobile phone’s last identified location.

- Knowing that a parent or the child always can be reached provides a level of safety and security for the entire family. At the same time, it is important to shield the youngest users from unwanted attention and solicitation from people and certain services. At least until they are old enough to comprehend the consequences and are able to make their own decisions, says Bipper Founder and CEO, Silje Vallestad.

Vallestad, a mother of three, got the idea for Bipper when her oldest child started school and she learned that children as young as 6 years old had their own mobile phones. Motivated by wanting children to be ”safe while mobile” she founded Bipper in 2007. It was followed by several tough years trying to learn an industry she had no experience from, putting together a team of industry experts, secure funding and finally develop an innovative and safe mobile safety solution for parents and children. Today, with the launch of Tele2 Bipper, her vision has become reality.

- Our ambition is for Bipper to become a leading supplier of mobile safety solutions for children's mobile phones. We are very proud that Bipper has been launched and the partnership with Tele2 has been extremely important for us. Feedback received from test families gives us confidence that Norwegian families want increased security in regards to their children’s ”mobile lives”, Vallestad says.

Bipper is also recommended by KidsandMedia, an organization that provides advice about exactly that, kids and media.

- This concept makes children's mobile phone use safer and parenting easier. The telecom industry should welcome this kind of companies, says Øystein Samnøen, Managing Director of KidsandMedia.

Bipper has already won several prestigious international awards for their innovative safety solution. Among these are Best Start-Up 2010 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile event, and The SIMagine ‘Silver and the Samsung Award’ for best Sim-based application (among 103 entries from 35 countries) at the annual SIMagine conference in Rome.

Norway is the first country where the service is made available, but Bipper is getting ready to launch in additional markets. The exclusive partnership with Tele2 provides them with the sole rights to sell and market Bipper in Norway for a specified period of time.

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About Bipper

Bipper is a privately held company founded by mother-of-three, Silje Vallestad in 2007. She founded the company when she realized that her six year old daughter’s friends had mobile phones and there were no safe mobile solutions available to satisfy her need as a parent. Bipper offers a safety solution which makes mobile phones safer and better adapted for the youngest mobile users (6-14). Through a personalized web portal, parents can determine who their children communicate with and when and how much their child can use the mobile phone. Bipper also offers a safety alarm and a localization service.

Bipper has previously been awarded the yearling prize at the 2010 Bully Award, the 2010 Mobile World Congress Mobile Premier Award, and the Silver/Samsung Award at SIMagine 2010.

The company headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway, with a branch office in New Jersey, USA.

About Tele2

Tele2 is one of Europe’s leading alternative mobile operators. Our mission is to deliver reasonable and easy communication to everyone, at all times. Tele2’s objective is to offer the market’s best prices. We have 24.5 million customers in 11 countries. Tele2 offer mobile solutions, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services, Cabel-TV and content services. Ever since Swedish national Jan Stenbeck founded the company in 1993, Tele2 has been a strong challenger to the former state monopolies and other established companies. Tele2 has been a publicly traded company on the OMX Nordic Exchange since 1996. Tele2 Ab had a turnover of SEK 39.4 billion and earnings (EBITDA) of SEK 9.5 billion in 2009. Tele2 Norge AS (Norway) had a turnover of NOK 2.76 billion in 2009.