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Headweb enters Samsung Smart TV

Pressemelding   •   mar 29, 2012 09:20 CEST

The award winning movie service Headweb has as of today published an app in Samsung's popular Smart TV Platform. Consumers with a Samsung Smart TV are now  able to watch any movie from Headweb with their remote.

Around 80% of the Headweb movie catalogue of 6.500 titles is available for users at launch. The comprehensive catalogue is one of the reasons Headweb has been appointed “Best Swedish Film Service”  three years in a row by, amongst others, PC for Alla, Internetworld and Digitala Hemmet. Usability and accessibility on multiple devices and platforms are other reasons for the awards.

With the new Headweb app on Samsung Smart TV the only cable that needs to be connected to the TV set is now the Internet cable (if Wifi is unavailable).

- We are determined to make movie viewing easier for our users and with the Headweb app in Samsung's Smart TV you have your own cinema in the living room - perfect for the demanding movie viewer, says Peter Alvarsson, CEO of Headweb.

- With the app from Headweb the experience of Samsung's Smart TV becomes even smarter, says Jenny Fischer-Toivo, Samsung's Nordic product manager for TV. 

Headweb is available in Samsung's Smart TV models. The app can be downloaded to 2011 models with Smart TV, LED-TV models in the 5 series (from D5705) and plasma-tvs in the 6-series (from D6905 and upwards). To use Headweb and other services in the Samsung Smart TV, the TV must be connected to Internet over WiFi or a fixed connection.


For more information, please contact:

Director of PR & Marketing Headweb

Matilda Hannäs

+46 (0) 70 276 11 87



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