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Its the 29th of february: What to do in a leap year!

Pressemelding   •   feb 28, 2016 11:23 CET

In the leap year 2012, Marianne Danielsen in Trondheim, Norway started a project. The project was named Give the day away - and refers to that businesses and corporations should show corporate social responsibility and give away their services, their time and their hearts on the leap year day. Its all about doing something for others in need and making a difference in this changing world.

Tomorrow, on the 29th of february - its leap year day again, and we arrange the Give the day away for the fift time.

In this changing world and a lot of people are in need of help of some type. This project encourage businesses to look around them selves to see what good they can do in their neighbourhood, region or country - by giving the day away.

"We have organized this "give the day away" four times - tomorrow is the fifth time. We were inspired by the leap year, but now we do it every year. We have touched thousands of hearts by connecting people together - givers (businesses) and receivers (organizations or people in need of help). We experience that businesses who give, and the recievers of help, continue their relationship after the first encounter - it becomes a permanent CSR investment for the company. This is our main goal - that they don't need us as a "connector" - they will figure it out themselves." Says the founder of Give the day away, Marianne Danielsen.

To understand the concept, and meet givers and recievers - please take 8 minutes to see the TEDxTalk that Marianne held: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YFiHsoqyQM 

To be completely honest - the reason why I am sending you this is because I hope you can share this initiative in your mediachannel, to show how far you can get with a good deed, and that it has never been easier to give of your time. And the worild needs this now.

Marianne Danielsen is a 39 year old woman from Trondheim, Norway. She has a bachelor in business and works as a consultant in strategy, culture and CSR. She started her own company in 2009 - Engasjert Byrå (translates into Dedicated Agency) where she, amongst other tasks, dedicates her time to make companies take action and do good.

Give the day away was established as a project on the leap year day in 2012.

On may 31th 2015, she was invited to hold a TEDtalk about Give the day away. 

On the 29th of february 2016 she arranges the Give the day away for the fifth time.

Contact details: marianne.danielsen@engasjertbyra.no

Telephone: +47 95 07 08 45