K-391, Alan Walker and Ahrix Launch “Tribute” Remix Campaign

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2020 09:00 CET

All taking place on, with nearly 6000 producers sent in their demos before K-391, Walker and Ahrix then selected their fifteen favourites after the one week window.

The next stage will then see the 15 selected producers split up into five teams of three, with each team responsible for recreating a different part of the song (drums, lead, bass, chords, finalization). With three producers working on each element, it will then be up to the fans to vote for their favourite direction on

A 6 episode mini-series will be launched exclusively on K-391s YouTube during the process, with confirmed cameos from the likes of Alan Walker, The Fat Rat, Tungevaag, Tobu, Different Heaven and Jonas Aden.


Trailer: From Bedroom to Billboard

Follow the playlist for all episodes.

K-391, Walker & Ahrix in a joint statement said, “With ‘End of Time’, we want to pay respect to all producers that came before us, while also giving an opportunity for the next wave of bedroom producers out there who have yet to get a chance. So we came up with the ‘Tribute’ campaign…!”

Paying tribute to all that came before them, the trio are now looking ahead to the next wave of bedroom producers on the horizon. Join the ‘Tribute’ campaign.


March 9: registration opens

March 16: Team 1 work on “Drums”

March 17: Voting takes place for winning producer’s “Drums” version

March 18: Team 2 work on “Lead”

March 19: Voting takes place for winning producer’s “Lead” version

March 20: Team 3 work on “Bass”

March 21: Voting takes place for winning producer’s “Bass” version

March 22: Team 4 work on “Chord”

March 23: Voting takes place for winning producer’s “Chord” version

March 24: Team 5 work on “Finalization”

March 25: Voting takes place for winning producer’s “Finalization” version

April: Tribute Remix Release

Final producers:

1-A: Drums Edd Blaze 19 M Peru
1-B: Drums MAGNUM 22 M Vietnam
1-C: Drums Narayan 24 M India
2-A: Lead GYTLAZ 22 M Lithuania
2-B: Lead Max Pross 22 M Austria
2-C: Lead Jim Yosef 24 M Sweden
3-A: Bass Jaxis 20 M China
3-B: Bass Gokshata 16 M Macedonia
3-C: Bass STØRM 19 M India
4-A: Chord CHYL 24 F Canada
4-B: Chord SJ 29 M Korea South
4-C: Chord Wholm 19 M Sweden
5-A: Fin Sleepwalkers 25 M Canada
5-B: Fin Kiyox 17 M Japan
5-C: Fin G5SH 24 M Taiwan

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