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Long-awaited iPad version of Headweb launches

Pressemelding   •   nov 02, 2011 09:34 CET

The movie service Headweb is taking another step towards being available on all connected devices with a screen. Now it’s time for the iPad version of the popular online video store.

Starting today the service becomes available to all iPad users in the Nordics. Selected users have had the opportunity to test the service last week and the news spread quickly. In just a few days, Headweb received thousands of requests for the beta invitations.

Headweb has chosen to build the service as a web application using HTML 5 and thus circumventing the App Store. A user simply browse to headweb.com using the built-in web browser instead of downloading an application. The user is presented with  an iPad-friendly interface which has the feeling of a “native” app. Feedback from test users has been very positive and a particularly popular aspect is the possibility to watch movies everywhere, e.g. on a trip, since the quality adapts to available network connection, such as Wifi or 3G.

- Building a more open web service instead of an app is something we’re positive we’ll see more of in the future. We believe we need to satisfy the consumers’ demand to watch movies how, when and where they want and this is a great step in offering this with a service that has the same look and feel the on many platforms, with the same content offering and same high quality, says Headweb founder Peter Alvarsson.

The business model is the same on all platforms, i.e. the user rent and stream a movie and has access to it for 24 hours. During the rental period, the movie can be streamed to both iPad and PC. The content catalogue includes both new releases and old classics. Headweb has over 6000 titles in the catalogue and most of these will be available for the iPad at launch. 


For more information, please contact:

Director of PR & Marketing Headweb

Matilda Hannäs

+46 (0) 70 276 11 87



About Headweb:

The award-winning digital movie service Headweb gives you on-demand access to thousands of movies. Headweb makes it easier than ever to discover and watch new movies. The service is premium pay-per-view with a growing catalogue of movies, currently Headweb cooperates with  Sony Pictures,  The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., SF, Sandrew Metronome, Nordisk Film, Nonstop Entertainment, Noble Entertainment, Scanbox och Pan Vision among others. The service works in any web browser, on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Boxee and Playstation 3.