New luggage tag ensures hassle-free air travel

Pressemelding   •   nov 27, 2016 16:54 CET

To millions of frequent and professional travellers bagID is a dream solution to one of their worst nightmares, endless queues at airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks. Every year, over three billion paper baggage tags are printed. Not only does bagID save you hassle and time at the airport, it also protects the environment and makes air travel more sustainable.

“The idea is simply that bagID users can say farewell to queues at check-in counters and self-service kiosks for once and all. With bagID you can enjoy hassle-free travel by just dropping of your baggage and going straight to the gate,” noted founder of bagID, Jan Vidar Nalbant.

“bagID is the smart choice for the experienced traveller, appreciating more the important things in life than being stuck in an endless maze of check-in queues and procedures,” Nalbant pointed out.

The innovative tag uses the latest state-of-the-art display technology, in close cooperation with E Ink. With a specially-developed screen, based on Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology, it easily withstands rough handling and severe temperatures. Not only is it flexible, but also displays all three primary colours plus black for a full and rich rendition of one’s travel itinerary. Last but not least, once the bagID tag is detached from your smartphone, there is no need to charge it.

“We really wanted to take a hard and good look at how we could improve both the experience for travellers as well as reduce costs and increase the security for airport operators and airlines,” said co-founder Oystein Tvedt.

Every year, three billion air passengers take to the skies, usually bringing with them at least one piece of luggage or more. In the future, this figure is expected to increase by over five percent annually, according to industry associations, he pointed out.

Each piece of baggage needs a separate tag, consisting of both paper and silicone. And, it can only be used once, before being thrown away. One concern is the factories, machines, electricity, trees and oil-based products needed to produce every tag, another is the cost of recycling it once it is discarded.

“A bagID tag is both durable and helps make air travel more sustainable, letting you enjoy your journey with a clearer conscience,” noted co-founder Oystein Aarsaether.

Less worry

One factor is the added convenience, another and just as important is the added security bagID provides.

Most frequent travellers have experienced their baggage being lost and arriving in the following days, or never. After dropping of the bag you have no idea if it has been put aboard or left at the airport. With bagID, when your baggage is misplaced, lost or arrived on the baggage belt, notifications are sent through the bagID app on your smartphone.

“With bagID you not only save stress and hassle, but also worry whether your bag will be there waiting for you upon arrival. As long as bagID is attached to your bag, you can track its journey through the luggage handling system on your smartphone,” said Nalbant.

Enhanced protection

There is also another benefit, in the form of theft protection dubbed Outside Airport Alarm, since bagID protects your luggage while travelling by other means than air. For example, if you board a train for a weekend in the countryside, your bag remains safe in the luggage rack, as long as it is within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone.

Other useful places to use bagID’s theft protection are at train stations, cafés or hotel rooms. As Bluetooth technology has a limited range, once your smartphone loses contact with your bag, it will sound an alarm.

“The many and great technologies of bagID can be embedded in any piece of fine luggage, providing premium features and theft protection to exclusive and hand-made bags and suitcases,” Aarsaether pointed out.

Improved safety

For airlines bagID lets them easily locate the baggage of no-show passengers, saving time, costs and making air travel safer. Furthermore it simplifies the baggage-handling procedure, again saving both costs and time.

As it uses existing airport infrastructure and technology, bagID can be used everywhere by everyone.

“Instead of showing up early at the airport and worrying about wasting time checking in and printing a tag for your bag, bagID lets you go straight to the bag-drop and onwards to the security control,” he concluded.

BagID AS was founded in Aalesund, Norway, in 2015, with the aim of making air travel more sustainable and free of stress and hassle.

With our high-tech baggage tag we want to move the way billions of air passengers travel with checked baggage into the 21st century, making it a more environmentally friendly and less stressful experience.

Our concept and technology have received wide attention and interest, and our partners include national aviation authorities and international carriers.

Since our initiation we have received support and funding from national and regional development agencies focusing on innovation. Already we have received several awards and recognitions, including “Best Concept” by Inventas AS, one of Norway’s most recognized firms for design and innovation.

We are expanding our scope, and if you think bagID’s technologies can assist you, do get in contact with us!