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New product from Elkem Carbon makes aluminium production greener

Pressemelding   •   feb 11, 2016 10:00 CET

Oslo, 9 February 2016: The new product from Elkem Carbon - ELSEAL® Type G – will make aluminium production greener and safer by removing harmful exposure to carcinogenic compounds.

Aluminium is produced at temperatures of 950 °C. In order to prevent liquid metal and corrosive electrolyte from damaging the inner parts of the cathode lining, a ramming paste is required that seals the gaps between and around the cathode blocks.

Ramming paste is critical for aluminium producers, and we fully understand that our customers are careful when it comes to new alternative materials. The cost can be high if the product does not work. We are certainly pleased with all the positive feedback on the performance of ELSEAL® Type G. Several of our customers now regard it as a benchmark product, says Stian Madshus, Marketing and Sales Director in Elkem Carbon.

Traditional ramming paste products have coal tar pitch based binders. Coal tar pitch contains PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Several of the PAH compounds are carcinogenic, and thus classified as a hazard. They can also be emitted into the workplace atmosphere, and complicate the handling of waste material.

The product developed by Elkem Carbon is an alternative to coal tar pitch based ramming paste. ELSEAL® Type G contains no PAH nor other hazardous substances. There are no emissions of PAH during use, and workers will not be exposed to these potentially harmful compounds.

- The ELSEAL® Type G product will make primary aluminium production greener and safer. PAH exposure in the cathode relining workshop and PAH emissions in the pot room will be eliminated, says Stian Madshus, Marketing and Sales Director in Elkem Carbon.

For Elkem Carbon it has been an exciting challenge to develop this replacement for coal tar pitch based ramming paste that is both technically and economically viable.

- It was essential that we developed a product that was not only greener, but also had the same or improved technical performance compared to existing products. In the end, it is the combination of performance and a safer, greener workplace that convinces our customers, says Madshus.

ELSEAL® Type G has a proven performance under challenging electrolysis conditions where the combination of high temperature and corrosive bath is a tough environment. It is classified as non-hazardous according to present regulations like GHS (globally harmonized system) and the EU/EEA regulations REACH and CLP (Classification, labelling and packaging). The product is essentially odourless, easy to handle and does not form any harmful waste. Furthermore, it has improved storage stability.

Norway based producer of aluminium, Hydro, are among those that has introduced the ELSEAL® Type G product in several of their smelters and continue to line new pots with this green alternative.

Contact information:

Stian Madshus, Marketing and sales director, Elkem Carbon, +47 926 34 770,

e-mail: stian.madshus@elkem.com

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