Det Andre Teatret

Norwegian Theatre Company Det Andre Teatret Announces US Tour, 5th Anniversary Season

Pressemelding   •   okt 26, 2016 17:18 CEST

Norwegians improvise Ibsen Off-Broadway and in California

“Almost Ibsen”, an improvised tragedy inspired by the legendary Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is one of the highlights of Det Andre Teatret’s US tour 2016. Torgny Aanderaa (Aber Bergen, The Regime), Camilla Frey (Børning) and Nils Petter Mørland (Riot) skilfully combine theatre and improvisation to bring to life Ibsenesque characters into a never-seen-before – and never to-be-seen again - tragedy in the distinctive narrative style of one of the most illustrious writers in modern history.

Having collected critical acclaim in numerous international festivals, Det Andre Teatret takes the format to California – to the BATS Improv theatre (San Francisco) and Impro Theatre LA (Los Angeles) –, and Off-Broadway to The Barrow Street Theatre.

"The text reveals unexpectedly beautiful sentences (…) and delivers a beautiful result: the audience is witness to the creation of a play, here and now." ⋆⋆⋆⋆ (Netherlands)

“Torgny G. Aanderaa, Camilla Frey and Nils Petter Mørland are an outstanding group of improv. Invited at the Ibsen Festival, they collected some wonders and admiration from the connoisseurs.” (Germany)

An improvised romantic comedy and other original unscripted plays

Another all-times favourite to be discovered in New York and California is “When They Met”. This improvised romantic comedy is a wonderful mix of everything from Allenesque neurotic observations to strong emotional outbursts inspired by epics like Love Actually.

“The RomCom-version of Det Andre Teatret in Gothenburg was for me the best show I saw in 2015” –

““When they met” really blew me off my feet in Gothenburg.” – Claudia Hoppe’s podcast (Germany)

Other original unscripted formats to be enjoyed during this US tour 2016 include “The Toys Strike Back”, an improvised show for kids, and “The Door”, an improvised duo show where all builds up around a single door standing in the middle of the stage. Every time an actor crosses that door, a new scene has to begin right away.

“Throw Away”, the newest work developed by Det Andre Teatret, will be presented for the first time to the public in New York, followed by dates in Atlanta and Los Angeles. This ludic concept invites the audience members to come along with old junk they were about to “throw away”, for the actors to revive these random objects through both funny and poetic improvised scenes.

5th Anniversary season

Det Andre Teatret’s US tour 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of this rapidly growing theatre based in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Earlier in September, Det Andre Teatret kicked-off the 5th anniversary celebrations hosting its first international festival: Den Andre Teaterfestivalen. During five days, ten groups from all over the world performed an eclectic scripted and unscripted program in front of full-house audiences, thus reaching a new level of accomplishment for this peculiar theatre founded – and funded – by its passionate actors.

Over the last five years, Det Andre Teatret has solidly established itself on the international scene of improvisation, reputed for their ability to combine strong theatrical elements with a rare playfulness into their work. The company has been invited to festivals and theatres in cities such as Gothenburg, Uppsala, Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, Edmonton, Göttingen, Würzburg and now to the United States of America.

Full US Tour 2016 Schedule

All shows are performed in English


Nov. 27, 7:30 PM : “Throw Away!” @ Magnet Theater (NY)

Nov. 30, 8 PM : “The Door” @ Dad’s Garage Theatre (Atlanta)


Dec. 1, 8 PM : “Almost Ibsen” @ BATS Improv (San Francisco)

Dec. 1, 10:30 PM : "Extreme Elimination Impro Challenge" (guest appearance) @ Dad’s Garage Theatre (Atlanta)

Dec. 2, 8 PM : “Jackpot” (Guest appearance) @ BATS Improv (San Francisco)

Dec. 2, 10:30 PM : “Throw Away!” @ Dad’s Garage Theatre (Atlanta)

Dec. 3, 8 PM : “When They Met” @ BATS Improv (San Francisco)

Dec. 3, 8 PM : "Invasion Christmas Carol" (Guest Appearance) @ Dad’s Garage Theatre (Atlanta)

Dec. 3, 10;30 PM : "Theatresports" (Guest appearance) @ Dad’s Garage Theatre (Atlanta)

Dec. 4, 2 PM : “The Toys Strike Back!” (For children aged 5-11) @ BATS Improv (San Francisco)

Dec. 6, 8 PM : “Almost Ibsen” @ Impro Theatre LA (LA)

Dec. 6, 10:30 PM : “Throw Away!” @ Impro Theatre LA (LA)

Dec. 7, 8 PM : “When They Met” @ Impro Theatre LA (LA)

Dec. 7, 10:30 PM : "Impro Gauntlet" (Guest appearance) @ Impro Theatre LA (LA)

Dec. 9, 7 PM : “Almost Ibsen” @ Barrow Street Theatre (NY)

Dec. 9, 9 PM : “Throw Away!” @ Reckless Theatre (NY)

Dec. 9, 10 PM : “When They Met” @ Magnet Theater (NY)

Dec. 10, 7 PM : “Almost Ibsen” @ Barrow Street Theatre (NY)

Dec. 10, 7:30 PM : TBA (Guest Appearance) @ Magnet Theater (NY)

Dec. 10, 9 PM : “4 Track” (Guest Appearance) @ Reckless Theatre (NY)(

Det Andre Teatret – The Other Theatre – is the largest and busiest theatre in Europe with focus on improvisational theatre.

The story began in 2008 when a small group from the Teater Liksom company decided that Oslo needed a place that could supply more improvisational theatre. They eventually found an old coconut mill in the beautiful area along Aker River, near the city center and, by saving money, funds and loads of volunteer work, the first improv theatre of Norway finally opened its doors in September 2011.

Over the past five years, the theatre has produced and presented a long series of improvised and scripted shows both for adult and kids. With an ensemble of 20 performers, they perform more than 8 shows every week and tour extensively in schools, theatres and international festivals. Their focus on acting skills, storytelling and a playful risk-loving attitude has earned them a solid reputation within the international improvising community.