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Norwegians fear unambitious broadband targets

Pressemelding   •   mar 21, 2012 18:27 CET

Oslo, the 21st of March 2012: 66 per cent of Norwegians fear below par broadband services will result in reduced value creation in Norway. – Our neighbours have set broadband targets that are 100 times higher than those stated by Norwegian policy makers, claims Øyvind Husby, Chairman of the Board of Kabel Norge.

Norwegians fear that broadband targets below those of EU will reduce value creation in the country, according to a survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Kabel Norge.

 – The study shows that most Norwegians find their own broadband needs increasing and that they consider higher bandwidth to be essential for value creation in Norway. The trade organisation Kabel Norge supports this view. Our government is working on a new broadband policy and we feel it is of the utmost importance that the authorities are aware of this, says Husby. 

Only 9 per cent of those surveyed believe that Norwegian broadband capacity below EU levels will not hurt Norwegian competitiveness. 66 per cent agree with the statement ”If Norwegian broadband is not as fast as that of the EU countries, it will hurt Norwegian competitiveness”.

The demographically representative survey of 1000 respondents also shows that broadband is considered as important for value creation in rural areas as in larger cities.  

Increasing demand for capacity
The Norstat survey shows that Norwegians are demanding more bandwidth. While one in ten says their household does not have an increasing need for more bandwidth, as many as 64 per cent confirm that the need for faster broadband is steadily increasing.

 -   When we asked the same question last year, 53 per cent replied then that their broadband demands were steadily increasing. This increase corresponds well with the trends we see – Kabel Norges members registered a 60 per cent increase in traffic last year, says Husby.

Warns against lack of clear targets and billions of wasted kroner
Kabel Norge would like to see the government prove that they fully understand the importance of continued broadband development. The lack of clear and ambitious targets can easily result in unsatisfactory development and public investments without political control.

-   Norway has spent 13 billion public money on broadband, but unfortunately the investments were lacking a national political control. Regionally controlled and uncoordinated investments have discouraged private investments and led to overbuild of private nettwork. The taxpayers’ money could have been used more wisely, to ensure that more rural areas have  ”super broadband”, says Husby.

-    We hope the authorities have their ears to the ground and take note of the signals being sent from the market. Some people claim that Norway does not need more than 10 Mbps broadband in order for Norwegian value creation to thrive, but we feel it is anachronistic to maintain that Norway does not need more broadband capacity, claims Husby.

The subject will be on debate at the Kabel Norge congress on the 21st and 22nd of March.

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Øyvind Husby, Chairman of the Board, Kabel Norge, mobile +47 934 44 140