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Pressemelding   •   aug 20, 2012 16:52 CEST

Panasonic’s PSCEU[1] Visual System Solutions division is pleased to announce the new LF5 Series of LCD displays with the introduction of TH-42LF5 42 inch and TH-47LF5 47 inch displays.  With the new range becoming available from autumn 2012, the new LCD displays promise utmost attention to design and specification and feature slim bezels, Full-HD image reproduction and other special capabilities that make them ideal for locations like lobbies, airports, showrooms and stores.

High Picture Quality and Impact

With a high brightness of 500cd/m[2] and a wide 178° viewing angle, the LF5 series answers the needs of installers and end users seeking bright, vibrant and well defined Full-HD images for a variety of applications and ambient lighting levels.

Slim and Attractive Design

A slim bezel[3] along with a thin screen to back depth of just 116mm means the LF5 series provides an attractive look and uses less space.

Optimal for Digital Signage Applications

The LF5 series provides true day/night operation and through its rugged fanless design[4] means ingest of dust is eliminated and maintenance is minimal.  Both displays can be emplaced in portrait mode which can be more suitable for displaying text information.  Panasonic signature high reliability is reflected in features that meet the challenging demands of long term digital signage use and prevent a host of negative image degradation effects that can occur with other TV panels[5].

A new input search function not only makes set-up faster and simpler, saving installers money and time but, if no input signal is detected the display automatically selects the next available video signal to ensure images are always shown and undesirable ‘NO SIGNAL’ messages are never displayed in a public presentation areas.  Video walls can be created with up to 5 x 5 displays and an abundance of in out terminals including HDMI, DVI, VGA and audio in/out maximises the flexibility of sources that can be used with the series.

The integrated ambient light sensor ensures backlighting is consistently set to a level that results in the best visibility of images whilst adjusting power consumption to reduce energy waste.  With the Panasonic LF5 series due for availability in August 2012 with RRP pricing expected at TH-42LF5 €660 and TH-47LF5 €880 customers are encouraged to register for the Panasonic Visual Experience Roadshow[6] or visit the Panasonic website[7] to learn more.  Customers wishing to place orders are also encouraged to contact their distributor to reserve stock for what promises to be a popular new range of pro LCD displays.

Notes to Editor:

LF5 Series Specification

Display Panel


500 cd/m2

Contrast ratio


Response Time

9 ms

Operating Life

Approx. 50,000 hours




HDMI In, DVI-D In, PC In, Audio In, Audio Out


Serial(RS-232C) In



Built in Speaker


Function Slot



400 x 400 mm


42” 4.6” (116 mm)

47” 4.6” (117 mm)


42” 44.1 lbs(20.0 kg)

47” 54.1 lbs(24.5 kg)



Power Consumption

42” 260 W, 47” 300W

Stand-by condition


Power-off condition



[1] Panasonic System Communication Company Europe

[2] 500cd/m² luminance (candela per square metre)

[3] A slim bezel of just 18.3mm on the TH-42LF5 42” and 18.6mm on the TH-47LF5 47”

[4] Panasonic also provide other models suitable for applications where rugged resistance against harsher external factors including oil, water, temperature, sunlight.

[5] The new Panasonic LF5 series is designed to prevent problems including; image sticking, yogore staining defects and mura dark spots caused by portrait mounting.

[6] http://visualexperience.panasonic.eu/

[7] http://panasonic.net/prodisplays/index.html