TV 2

TV 2 launches new channel

Pressemelding   •   aug 20, 2015 13:25 CEST

TV 2 is launching a new lifestyle channel – TV 2 LIFESTYLE.

- Our goal is to become Norway’s most inspirational TV-channel with relevant local content and high quality acquisitions within the genre says Nina Lorgen Flemmen, Director of Acquisitions and Project Manager for the new channel.

TV2’s new strategy with its secondary channels is to define them by genre and not only by target audience.TV2 Lifestyle will replace BLISS in the channel portfolio.

In March TV 2 launched TV 2 Humor as part of this new strategy and canceled the linear Film Channel.

- Times are changing and it is our job to follow the trends and the technological developments in our field, says Lorgen Flemmen. TV 2 Humor has increased its share of viewing month by month since its launch.

- Genre-based channels open up for a wider universe not only defined by your sex, but by your interests. Gone are the days where only women were interested in design, house and home. People are more attuned to each other and topics such as relationship issues, parenting etc concern us all, says Nina Lorgen Flemmen

TV 2’s owner Egmont has long traditions and knowledge within the lifestyle genre through its publishing side. The channel will be clear and distinct but will offer a wide variety within lifestyle programming.

Lifestyle shows is all about coming a bit closer on life itself.

- Hopefully the viewer will find lots of inspiration, be moved, discover identification and fascination and lots of useful advice, says Lorgen Flemmen.

The channel will launch in November with 3 local shows FML ( Fuck my Life) ( Monster ) Mommy Dearest ( Teddy TV) and Room 123 (Lemon TV).

The acquisitions team at TV2 is now acquiring shows for the new channel and among some of titles secured is the Channel 4 success ”Supervet” ( Zodiac Rights) and Ellen Degeneres project for HGTV ” Ellen’s Design Challenge”(Warner Bros Television), Find my first love ( Red Arrow), Lorraine Pascal’s various cooking shows ( Fremantle Int.), Flip or Flop ( Scripps )to name a few.

TV 2 er Norges største kommersielle tv-kanal og en av landets sterkeste merkevarer. TV 2 er en del av mediehuset TV 2, og virksomheten omfatter både tv, internett, mobil samt nye interaktive plattformer. Mediehuset TV 2 står bak en rekke etablerte merkevarer som TV 2, TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Bliss, TV 2 Sportskanalen, TV 2 Humor, TV 2 Sumo,, TV 2 Mobil og TV 2 Skole. TV 2 er et selskap i vekst, og det drives betydelig forretningsutvikling knyttet til morgendagens medier.