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Two Thumbs Up for Schools Using iPads (and all other fingers too for that matter)

Pressemelding   •   mar 15, 2012 05:02 CET

Use your fingers to practice math. It’s the natural way and you always have them with you, says Happi Papi makers of the popular Happi suite of learning apps.

Happi Papi today extends its popular line of learning games for smartphones and tablets with Happi 123 - a math game where kids age 4-8 can practice everything from counting and addition to pattern recognition while collecting badges and disguises for the game’s puppet master Papi the Tiger. 

This is an awesome game. We have very high expectations says Patrick Larson, of Happi Papi. Our first two games, Happi Spells and Happi Reads, have both been featured by Apple themselves which is the highest honor for an app developer. Happi 123 is, according to Patrick, better looking, has a broader scope and tons of more features.

With Happi 123 we have tried to create something that parents and kids will love to play as well as something that teachers can use as part of their digital lesson plan, says Jens Ode, co-founder of Happi Papi. After our first two apps we found out that a lot of schools were using our apps. Keeping these teachers in mind when we designed Happi 123 is our way of saying thank you, continues Jens.

To further cement its relationship with teachers, Happi Papi has also started an evaluation program for schools where they can test all its new apps for free with no obligations. Happi Papi wants to build on the initial interest from educators and bring them aboard as a panel for its future development plans.

We want to make smarter apps that are even more fun and engaging to use. Teachers are the perfect sounding board to help us with that. Smarter apps help develop smarter children. Now we are just hoping that all the parents and schools out there are smart enough to buy our apps concludes Jens Ode with a chuckle. 

Happi Papi is a US - Swedish joint venture created by Patrick Larson and Jens Ode from WannaPlay, Europe's first DVD-game Studio. We are two dads who believe it is possible to create quality apps for kids in a profitable way without the use of in-app ads, links and purchases. Our apps will always be free of tricks and gimmicks and will always be easy and rewarding to play.

Happi Papi specializes in "Edutainment" apps for kids. When using our apps, children between the age of 2-8 will always learn something about the world around them in a safe and fun playing environment. Play and learn is our motto and what kids do best.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so at www.happipapi.com, by email at info@happipapi.com or via Twitter @happi_papi.