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Voss Refutes TV 2 Norway’s Misrepresentations

Pressemelding   •   okt 05, 2010 13:00 CEST

Voss of Norway ASA strongly rebuked TV2 Norway for its misrepresentation of Voss as portrayed in TV 2’s documentary entitled “A drop of luxury” aired yesterday.

Rune I Flogstad,  Chairman off Voss of Norway, ASA stated, “TV 2’s blatant disregard of the facts regarding Voss requires us to step forward and set the record straight about our Company and the outstanding water we source and provide to millions of loyal consumers around the world.”

The Voss Source

Voss water comes from an Artesian Source in the pristine and beautiful community of Iveland in southern Norway. Voss water utilizes a protected artesian environment to ensure that our water is among the purest bottled waters sold anywhere. Contrary to the TV 2 report, Voss water bears no resemblance to the water found in nearby Lake Ogge. We know this because we test our water regularly to ensure the quality our consumers count on.  Additionally, we continue to work with the worlds’ foremost experts in hydro-geology, such as Hidell-Eyster International in the USA, to meet the rigorous standards of the USFDA , the European Union and many other jurisdictions around the world.

Our source in southern Norway is called “the Voss Source” on special permit from the Iveland community. Voss enjoys an excellent relationship with our Iveland neighbors including, as has been commonly known for some time, providing a select few, water from our source. These are truly among the most fortunate water consumers in the world.

The Voss Foundation

Voss of Norway proudly supports the Voss Foundation and all the good work they are doing providing clean, safe drinking water to communities in sub Saharan Africa. Voss of Norway will continue to support the Voss Foundation directly and in raising awareness for the mission of helping others less fortunate.

Voss is Carbon Neutral

Voss is a carbon neutral company. We have established an industry leading protocol measuring our carbon output in all factors of our business and in employing a continuous improvement process which has led to ongoing declines in our carbon emissions. Additionally, we participate in carbon offset programs designed to effectively neutralize our current output. We are assisted in this effort by the widely recognized industry experts at 3Degrees Inc. of San Francisco, California, USA.

Chairman Flogstad added, “Despite our efforts to work with TV2 and supply them with the facts, they chose to avoid the truth. We are happy to clear these matters up for the protection of all of our loyal consumers and the good will of Voss.”

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