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Want to work in a nordic country? Learn a Scandinavian language

Pressemelding   •   okt 28, 2016 21:16 CEST

Nordicwork.com is the first website fully dedicated to nordic work life. The purpose of the website is to introduce workers and job seekers to Nordic working life.

The Nordic market is admittedly not a very large one, only about 10 million people are working in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Many of these jobs require special skills which makes it hard for people without the right experience or higher education to break into the nordic labor market.

Most difficult is it for foreign-born, non native scandinavian speakers to get a job. Several studies show that very few asylum seekers manage to find work quickly. In Sweden only 500 out of 162,000 had found a job[1] after six months. Obviously, there are several explanations for this, however the language barrier is a factor not to be underestimated.

"Learning a Scandinavian language may take time, but once you have mastered one – the world of two others has opened up in front of you. Scandinavians work in their neighboring countries with little to no language barriers" - cited from Nordicwork.com

Really if you want a work in Sweden, Norway or Denmark your main focus should be learning and mastering a Scandinavian language. Being able to speak a Scandinavian language opens up the entire Nordic labor market. It is over 60 years since the open Nordic labor market was established, according to the Agreement, nationals of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have been granted the right to settle and work in each other's countries, without the need for a work permit. In reality this opens up the possibility to find a work in a neighboring country.

Nordicwork.com introduce workers and job seekers to Nordic working life

Nordicwork provide crucial information about unemployment insurance benefits in different Nordic countries and explain in which ways a membership in a workers unions can be helpful.

It's important to know how the system works, but unfortunately not everyone knows this. The systems and rules differ depending on country. One example is on how the unemployment insurance works. In Norway the unemployment insurance is included in the general social benefits, but in Sweden you must be a member of an unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa) and in Denmark you have to join a akasse to get money as unemployed.

At the launch of the website, there are two different versions of Nordicwork.com, the main site in English and a local version of Nordicwork in Swedish. In the winter of 2016, a Danish version of the website will be launched.