Norge bidrar med 60 millioner kroner for å hjelpe syriske flyktninger.

17-05-2013 17:25 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR UNHCR takker den norske regjeringen for sitt generøse bidrag på 60 millioner kroner (10.3 millioner dollar) som skal brukes til å hjelpe syriske flyktninger.

Syria refugee numbers cross 1.5 million as funding gaps remain

17-05-2013 15:37 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR The number of Syrian refugees who have now left their country has surpassed 1.5 million. The Syrian conflict continues to have a devastating impact on the lives of those who are forced to flee.

UNHCR report shows health services for Syrian refugees increasingly overstretched

26-04-2013 15:41 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR A UN refugee agency report released on Friday warns that the Syria refugee crisis is increasingly straining health services in surrounding countries, while refugees are facing increasing difficulties in accessing the quality treatment they need – particularly those with chronic and other costly health conditions.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees warns Security Council of "terrifying" humanitarian situation for Syria

19-04-2013 11:38 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, warned the United Nations Security Council that without an end to the fighting soon, almost half of Syria's 20.8 million people could be in need of humanitarian help by the end of this year.

UNHCR fears for returning Syrian refugees

12-04-2013 15:20 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR Over the past ten days UNHCR has seen an increase in the number of Syrians opting to return home from Jordan. During this period, an average of three hundred people have been crossing each day, returning to villages close to the border in the governorate of Daraa. A sizeable part of this governorate remains a battleground, and UNHCR fears for the safety of the returnees.

Recent tribal clashes in Darfur displace 50,000 into Chad

12-04-2013 15:00 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR In southeastern Chad, UNHCR staff are reporting the arrival of some 50,000 refugees from southwestern Darfur during the last week. Refugees are fleeing fresh tribal clashes in the Sudanese town of Um Dukhun. During the last two months, clashes have now displaced over 74,000 people into Chad including Sudanese and Chadians - who lived as refugees in the conflict zone.

Number of refugees from Central African Republic approaches 40,000 mark

05-04-2013 15:40 CEST FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR The UN refugee agency on Friday reported that the number of civilians fleeing instability in Central African Republican has risen to almost 40,000 and people continue to cross borders and seek shelter in neighbouring countries.

UNHCR renews appeal for safe passage of humanitarian convoys in Syria

26-03-2013 17:25 CET FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR UNHCR is today reiterating its appeal to all parties to ensure safe passage for convoys delivering humanitarian aid to civilians inside Syria. In the current security environment, several convoys have had to be cancelled or delayed. This is depriving many Syrians of vitally needed help.

UNHCR: Konflikten i Syria fører til flere asylsøkere

21-03-2013 09:56 CET FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR I dag publiserer UNHCR rapporten Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries 2012. Totalt er 479 300 asylsøkere registrert i de 44 landene som kartlegges i rapporten. Dette er det høyeste antallet registrert siden 2003.

UN Refugee Chief warns of dire consequences of lack of funding for Syrian refugees

15-03-2013 12:02 CET FNs høykommissær for flyktninger UNHCR On the second anniversary of the start of the Syria conflict, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, retirates his call for governments to create special funds to support Syrian refugees.