New progress in polymer mesh for breast cancer surgeries

Blog posts   •   Jan 26, 2015 17:43 GMT

In November more than 90 breast surgeons gathered in Birmingham to learn more about the iBRA study. The aim of the study is to prospectively collect data in implant-based reconstruction after breast cancer across the UK. The goal is to include data for more than 1000 women and in december data for more than 300 women were included. Dr Peter Schrenk presented his data for implant based reconstruction with TIGR Matrix.


The iBRA study commented in Medical plastic News.

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Novus Scientific Announces New Size of TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh

Press Releases   •   Dec 12, 2014 14:00 GMT

Novus Responds to Need for Mid-Sized Matrix in Breast Reconstruction


Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery (ORBS) 10-11th of Oct 2014

Blog posts   •   Oct 13, 2014 19:41 GMT

Great interest for TIGR Matrix at the ORBS meeting


Todd Heniford talks TIGR in Becker's GI and Endoscopy

Press Releases   •   Oct 10, 2014 13:00 GMT

Dr. Todd Heniford talked with Novus about the newest technology in synthetic surgical mesh and (see content of story) statistical analysis of abdominal wall surgeries. Mike Smith’s interview at AWR appears in ‘Becker’s’ journal. The 25th anniversary edition of Surgical Technology International, a leading industry publication, was released today sponsored by Novus Scientific available at ASPS.


STORY in Medical Design Technology: Flexibility, Porosity Design Leads to Regeneration of Soft Tissue

News   •   Sep 30, 2014 14:00 GMT

Dr. Torbjorn Mathiesen, Chief Technology Officer of Novus Scientific writes an article entitled, "Flexibility, Porosity Design Leads to Regeneration of Soft Tissue" in Medical Design Technology. The article details the thought process and steps taken by Mathiesen when creating TIGR Matrix surgical mesh.


Clinica INTERVIEW: Novus out to prove TIGR’s strength in soft tissue regeneration

News   •   Sep 30, 2014 13:00 GMT

In this exclusive interview, Tina Tan reports on TIGR Matrix surgical mesh.


The TIGR®Matrix inventor story, Flexibility, Porosity Design Leads to Regeneration of Soft Tissue.

Blog posts   •   Sep 25, 2014 13:00 GMT

Flexibility, Porosity Design Leads to Regeneration of Soft Tissue. This article describes the background about the TIGR®Matrix surgical mesh.


TIGR® Matrix at Hernia days in Salzburg

Blog posts   •   Sep 18, 2014 12:53 GMT

The distributor BONDIMED in Austria represented by Christoph and Brigitte


Preliminary evidence that TIGR® Matrix improves value-based patient outcomes in complex abdominal wall reconstruction

Press Releases   •   Sep 12, 2014 12:00 GMT

Novus Scientific (Uppsala, Sweden) and Surgical Momentum (Daytona Beach, FL) have released preliminary data indicating that the absorbable TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh results in better overall patient value than a biological mesh in complex and challenging cases of abdominal wall reconstruction. Reductions in the complication rates such as seromas and wound infections were particularly satisfying.


TIGR® Expands: new distributions in U.S and Europe

Press Releases   •   Sep 10, 2014 12:00 GMT

Novus Scientific is pleased to announce new distribution channels throughout North America and Europe. The U.S. sales team lead by Tac-Whei Ong has hired direct representatives. Major channel partners in the eastern and western United States include: San Diego, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Chicago and Washington, DC. In Europe, the UK and Ireland is represented by Suzanne Bannon of Dublin (pictured)

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