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Press release   •   Apr 02, 2019 07:03 GMT

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Seed Vault in the Farming Guild!A brand new Seed Vault has been added to the Farming Guild in Kebos! Stored seeds are separated by type and you can add your favourites to their own section - perfect for setting up your 07 runescape gold Farming runs. Note, however, that it only stores standard seeds (all of them), not quest ones.

Are you Happy?Now Hurry to Join RSorder Spring Promo for osrs gold,RuneScape gold &More with Up to $18 Cash Coupons Apr.8-Apr.15!Here are some words from Mod Maz about the project:

The seed vault started out as a project to add to the Farming Guild and was initially started by Mod Munro. With his departure, it was left without an owner and no real time to take it on. I loved the idea so much and farming is my favourite skill so I really wanted to see it in the game. So, I used my own time to get the majority of the interface working and then we brought it into the dev team officially. This enabled me to spend enough time on it to make it as easy to use as possible.

It features buttons similar to the bank for withdrawing and depositing seeds so you can get to them quickly. Even better is the favourite slot feature - 8 slots you can direct what seeds to contain, either by dragging and dropping or right-clicking any of the seeds in your vault. Whilst this is currently 8 slots, it potentially could be increased by a few in the future if needed. The list on the left panel allows you to quickly hop between categories of seed in case you do not wish to use the favourites feature.

On top of this, helpful players highlighted to me the Miscellania Kingdom gives seeds, and hence I have integrated the seed vault into that functionality too. If you have existing seeds of the type you are going to receive in the seed vault already, the seeds will go to your seed vault, not your bank. If you don't have any of those seeds in the vault, then it will use your bank.

From a technical perspective, the project wasn't that difficult, the worst bit was actually making the dragging and dropping work correctly in the different scenarios of whether the place it was being dropped to was a favourite slot or not. Obviously with any project with usability features, it is subjective as to what is best and some of the feedback from playthroughs reflected the same considerations that I'd made whilst designing it. Sometimes there is no "right" way to implement a particular feature and therefore different people will want things to have different behaviour - this can be tricky to balance and rationalise to make good decisions and I hope I have struck a happy medium with the behaviour that it currently exhibits.

If you have any constructive feedback on your seed vault experience, I'd love to hear it on the forums, twitter or reddit. I love farming and working on interfaces, so I've really enjoyed working on this project. I only wish we'd gone with the giant iron squirrel model for the vault...

Note that Ultimate Ironmen will not have access to the seed vault as it was agreed that this would be too powerful for the game mode.You may also spare yourself some RS gold heartache by figuring out where you want to devote your resources early on.In other words Read at your own risk.I?ve gone through the whole list and feel like Shuman did a good job keeping the tips general while also keeping them, you know, helpful. Some Souls Runescape players feel that absolutely any information pertaining to the Runescape game is a spoiler.

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