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Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2017 03:20 GMT

You can see the development of our series of cheap rs 3 gold diaries taken by the giant, is mining and forging rework weeks before. Well, it was a break until January - between Christmas and the new year, we had something equally exciting to share: the planned bank reworked.

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The MODS and Timbo sub join us in the update you think you most desire to share their thoughts and ideas 2017.Check out the dev blog - if you haven't set, we will love a placeholder for a more detailed description of the more bank label, Diango, user interface, and more.

Which do you think are the monsters you most hate in Dungeoneering?Well, some players give us some name, you can just look and ifnd if it is really as hard as you think.

1. Mysterious shade(one player says he hates it most ,and it has been there through the mission). 2. Forgotten mage.
3. Forgotten warrior. 4. Forgotten ranger. 5. Dungeon spider.
Some don’t think so , and they give another list :
1. Mysterious shade. 2. Necromancer.
3. Ramokees. 4. Any demons. 5. Spiders.

What I agree most is the following list:

1. Level 111/133 Mysterious shade. If the player has enough food, he can be against the attack and finish it.

2. Monolith. If you are lucky enough, you can only face some low level ones, then you can make your misson successful. But if not, wish you good luck.

3. Reborn Mage. The specialized wizard of Warp, it can summon two servants with high melee as Necromancer does. If you have ever faced once, you could know how it is.

4. T10/T11 forgotten warrior. It will have not the disadvantage of bind with magic with hex.

5. Level 303 Black Dragon. It has super thick defending skin, with which you can not attack it effectly. The most trouble one is Shadow-Forger and Hope devourer in boss, and in solo, it is world-gorger. Yk'Lagor the Thunderous is also a hard one. When you face it, you may havr to die many times, and Har'lakk the riftsplitter cs can make your prayer lower, and you may think that it is always not enough to relieve internal heat or fever.So what do you think are the most trouble monsters you hate in dungeoneering mission?

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