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Press release   •   Jul 25, 2017 02:14 GMT

This week, Runescape will bring Helwyr event. What's more, if you want enough rs gold to join the event, you can buy cheap rs gold on RSorder now.This is actually pretty cool! But they were asked about how much data Old School Runescape would use on people's phones. They said that as OSRS was designed with dial up internet in mind, it will not require a ton of data. This is pretty awesome news, especially if you have limited data on your mobile plan.

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Date and Location of Runescape Helwyr Event

Helwyr Event will begin on 29th July. Helwyr is located in Seren's Encampment lobby, World 39, southeastern area of The Heart. This event require 80 Magic and a high combat level and appropriate gear.The Q&A revealed that the intent was not to make special "mobile worlds" and that everyone is going to be kept together. They did say though that they will increase their current world offering so when the new influx of players come in, it should not be over crowded.

The process of Runescape Helwyr

You must get 40 Serenist killcount to enter Helwyr's chamber. Then, you can easily gain killcount by visiting Seren's Encampment or by visiting nodes that Serenist forces are attacking.Helwyr only uses melee attacks which hit up to 1200, unlike the other generals who have multiple combat styles at their disposal. He has several abilities he will use during the fight.Note that Helwyr only attack style is melee, he will skip attacks and go straight into another ability which can cause more havoc, so stop running from Helwyr.

Hey, guys, the folks at Jagex did a Q&A with the community on the 19th of July. We thought it had some interesting moments and wanted to share with you a few of the highlights.At the time of the Q&A, they said that there had been over 150,000 people apply to be part of the Runescape Mobile beta!This was already kind of addressed, but they did clarify during this session that everything is going to be playable. So anything you can do in the desktop version you can do here. It is 1 for 1! It is exactly the same game.

There were some questions asking about the download size and the drain on battery and Jagex responded perfectly. The OSRS download will be about 50 MB and this includes everything. As far as battery drain goes they are trying to make it run as good as possible, without it being a huge power sucker on your battery.

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