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Press release   •   Feb 13, 2017 03:21 GMT

Double XP weekend kicks off on February 17th 12:00 UTC, and the same 72 hour gain, you know and love.There is time to prepare rs3 gold for sale , collect materials, and make full use of the benefits of a large number of XP.Check out the full details of the double XP weekend page, read to find new features that we joined this time.

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What's new?

This time we try something new. Double XP after the end of the weekend, there will be a tail, XP to upgrade the rivers and lakes members.
Tail off period from 12:00 UTC until 12:00 UTC February 27th February 20th.During this period, members will enjoy the excitement before the 1 million XP win.
The limit is the same as the weekend itself.Improved double XP start (+ 100% XP) and a reduction of 5% per XP won by 50000.

We've mentioned it before, but it's account adage again: the Java applicant served us able-bodied but has been captivation us aback in several areas for a while。NXT is our admission to be able to advance the bold added than anytime before. Even in the center abode area both audience are in use, we can advance on with some things. You will accept noticed draw distance, caliginosity and college resolution textures as examples.

However, there are things we would like to do with a amount of systems area the aberration amid the two audience is too abundant – things we can't do while the Java applicant is still supported. That agency that – eventually – we will charge to retire the Java applicant entirely.There is no anchored date for this, and we don't intend to abruptness you all one morning at breakfast – if it happens, you'll accept notice.A day will come, though, area we accept to change something that the Java applicant will not be able to accumulate up with. At that point, we wish to accept already fabricated abiding that we accept catered to the apropos and affidavit that ability anticipate a amateur appear forth for the ride.

On the Horizon

As we advance on in 2017 with fixes, tweaks, optimisations and improvements there are few things to attending out for.

It's appear to our absorption that about in the arid there is a abstruse city. The agreeable teams acquaint us there is a abundance of lore, belief and action hidden abaft the walls. We told them you can aswell acquisition some new graphical appearance to advertise the secrets.You may bethink a brain-teaser bivouac alms a blink at the Golden City-limits of Menaphos. What you ability not accept noticed is a beauteous new lighting effect. This screenshot is a abundant archetype of our new volumetric ablaze (sometimes alleged god rays). It's not just a air-conditioned affair we use in videos - it is a real-time, in-game aftereffect that you will alpha seeing abundant added of as 2017 rolls on.

Volumetric Lighting

The NXT aggregation are aswell knee-deep in the actual system, alms up accoutrement to our artists to accomplish a city-limits that look

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