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Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2017 05:48 GMT

Everyone is blaming inflation but that's too simplistic when you're looking at those old prices.How to treat runescape currency inflation,Those who were there during that time might remember that those really low prices for rares around 08-09 were not usual. They had runescape gold been more expensive than that previously, so they were really at a 'crash' price back then. The game was in a weird place. We were getting some of the first big waves of bot nukes, so you had things like Shark going from something like 800gp to 1.5k ea. People need raw mats and so sitting on a rare just didn't seem worth it for a lot of people. We got some of the first double exp weekends too around then, if I recall correctly, and so again people didn't see the need to sit on a Mask or a Santa or a Partyhat if it meant they could save a load of cash on Construction or something.

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Bear in mind as well that there were simply less people who were max level back then. Nowdays most serious RS3 players are maxed out, but back then that was far from true. That meant that there were plenty of people who were willing to spend their GP on mats to train, rather than their GP being used solely to invest in rares. So it's not necessarily inflation, but just the fact that now the game is so old and exp has been so easily provided people have nothing else to buy.

One final thing to mention, and if you played back then you might remember this too, but when rares crashed people didn't look at them in quite the same way for a while. See a guy in a purple Partyhat. So what? It's less than 100m rs gold. Skiller got a Blue Mask. So what? That's 20m, just a week weeks of skilling. Rares lost their prestige because they became affordable and not exclusive items that only the super wealthy had, and that helped drive the price down and keep it there for a short while. Eventually however I think people realised that these things are never going to get any cheaper and they are still rares, so better start buying them again, even if they aren't as cool. I'm not sure I buy the simple 'it was a merch clan' or 'it was inflation' explanations.

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