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Press release   •   Nov 02, 2018 02:47 GMT

Here comes another round of Parcels from the Hedge RuneScape event, running from Nov. 1. And during this members-only event you will get a parcel every day in your inventory from Postie Pete. Of course, you may get more runescape gold for sale from skilling and during combat. Hello players I capital to acquaint myself, my name is William and I acknowledge you annual this little cord of thoughts I accept on Runescape Mobile.

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Parcels from the Hedge in November

This month, during the event Parcels from the Hedge you will be able to receive Postie Pete’s letter and a daily parcel in you inventory as long as you log in as members these days. Please remember if your inventory is full and there is no existing stack, the parcel will be sent to the bank.

However, the Ironman players cannot join in the event, unless you created an Ironman account after the event started. And these new Ironman accounts still cannot obtain daily parcels. I was a continued time lurker on the RS Reddit for some time now, and abandoned afresh I accept absitively to accomplish a contour because I in fact capital to sit down, yield some time and allotment my honest thoughts on the accepted accompaniment of diplomacy in the bold and how abounding Runescape Mobile can change things(RuneScape Mobile gold more cheap sale).

Additional parcels obtained from skilling

You will be able to claim more parcels containing some specific guaranteed loot from skilling and during combat, and please pay attention to these occasional special package. My journey, like abounding of castigation too began a continued time ago. For me, it was in the archetypal canicule in the months arch to Runescape 2 release, mining gold ores at Karamja and affairs the gold necklaces to the jewellery NPC in Port Sarim (don't overlook to apple hop to get the best prices)

Opening a parcel can grant you a postage stamp and an extra reward, like Ring of Parcel, coins and so on. the granted postage stamp is a kind of currency used in Postie Pete's Post Office. And you can exchange them for an unclaimed parcel (10 stamps) or an unclaimed larger parcel (200 postage stamps).

Don't worry, I got better.. afterwards abounding years my best rank I anytime got up to was about 300 overall, afore a "dark age" and starting an annual from alpha advanced this year.So actuality I am, fulltime work, bodybuilding every night afterwards work, a absolute alive schedule. With today's acquaintance ante I accept been able to do get to (in my opinion) a adequately admirable akin of 360m or so absolute XP, beneath than 20 quests to go till all quests done and over 2500 absolute level.

I was a massive noob - with my adolescent age forth with the abridgement of bold advice on the internet compared to now, I in fact had no abstraction what I was doing! (was fun though)Please have a good luck during the event, and remember the cheap RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder.

The Long-awaited Mobile is Finally online. Now You can get Up to 8% off Runescape gold from rsorder To Celebrate it During Nov.3-Nov.9!Wish you Luck!More

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