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Press Release   •   Feb 06, 2017 07:53 GMT

In order to clearly distinguish between what is and is not allowed in Old School RuneScape, we have decided to make runescape 07 gold a change to how we enforce the macroing rule.Historically, we have not given bans for some usage of programmable mouse keys (such as AutoHotKey). If players kept their usage of such software to an acceptable standard, we would not take action against them. This is no longer the case.

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You may now only use your operating system's official default mouse keys program, unless it is to remap a key to any other button.If we find evidence of you using other forms of mouse keys in game, we will take action against your account.This change in how we review macroing reports provides a much clearer line between what is and is not acceptable. If you're using your systems default mouse keys, you're playing within the rules.Buy Cheap RS3/2007 gold & Runescape money Safe and Fast Fast

Mod Proto's here to take us through NXT's past, present and future in today's Dev Blog.

After years of internal development, 2016 saw our NXT client released into the world.

In many ways, this was just the beginning. The client was built and delivered to you, but it's still very much part of our day. The great thing about working on an MMO like RuneScape is that you live with the same game that your players do every day. We use the game to test and build new content, to do events with you, and as our tool to tell the many stories of RuneScape. We work on the client every day and will do as long as you keep playing.

Previously, we have talked about some of the technical challenges involved in releasing NXT. We always knew that – despite our best efforts to make a perfect client - only testing in house would fall short. That's why we looked at ways we could get your eyes on it as soon as possible.

You may recall sneak previews at RuneFest and beta weekends. Using the data from these, we carefully selected what tweaks and changes we needed so that we could have a release that was stable and fully featured, but still timely. With over half a year of live play behind us I'm pretty happy with the level we launched at.

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