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Press Release   •   Jun 01, 2018 02:43 GMT

How long does it take you to defeat RuneScape Solak? And we will share some useful guides to help improve your killing skills and offer RuneScape mobile gold on RSorder. Then you may have a bigger chance to get and 80% off runescape gold for sale Blightbound crossbow, Imbued bark shard. And more.

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Deemed as one of the strongest bosses in-game, Solak is very difficult to kill. And there are two dedicated modes for you to choose, duo & group mode. And the capacity of the group mode is 7 players. Please keep the following tips in mind when fighting against Solak:

1.The melee and ranged attacks from Solak will hit all players in the vicinity, while his melee attack is single-target and doesn’t have spread.
2.The only method to reduce/block his blight damage is through defensive abilities.
3.During the Corruption phase, the blight tornado generated by the boss, expelling blight bombs cannot be avoided by Nature's Blessing. And that’s why it’s recommended to Barricade and Intercept this ability.
4.Since Merethiel takes some time to recharge, you’d better not constantly interact with her to remove the blight stacks.
5.Ensure to reduce Solak’s health to a fairly low amount before phasing, which will make the Last Stand quite easier.
Drops like Blightbound crossbow, Imbued bark shard

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The new weapon Blightbound crossbow is a very rare drop from Solak, which requires level 92 Ranged to wield. And it has become the strongest main-hand crossbow in-game while its off-hand counterpart is the strongest off-hand crossbow outside of Daemonheim.Another rare drop of the boss is the Imbued bark shard., which can unlock Solly when interacted with. Right now you can improve yourself on killing RuneScape Solak and buy RuneScape mobile gold from us.

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