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Rally your comrades, muster your courage and take on the greatest challenge in Old School!Contained within the Chambers of Xeric are his mightiest commanders, fallen grace. Among others, you'll face disgraced generals, master artisans, and a megalomaniac former high priest. These bosses will put your skills to the test, and prove a challenge for runescape 07 gold even the most experienced PvMers.

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Your performance in battle will earn you points towards your end rewards with both individual score & team score mattering. Every combatant must pull their weight for the greater good. Beware though, deaths will deduct your individual score, so exercise caution in the Chambers.

You'll need more than fighting talent to best the labyrinth though, with skill challenges, chances to restore your supplies, and even some devilish crabs to deal with. You'll need multiple skills at your disposal to fully utilise the Chambers environments to survive, including mixing potions & gathering food.

These items will be tradeable between team mates, so don't worry if you're the novice chef of your friends, as you can rely on them for food. In fact, to promote teamwork & helping others out, providing supplies for use in combat will actually earn you points towards rewards at the end of the dungeon. Points are awarded when the items are used, not made, so make sure you and your allies make use of everything available to you.In the deepest level of the Chambers waits the Great Olm, Xeric's greatest adversary. This fearsome encounter stands between you and reaping the rewards of your efforts. You'll need your wits about you and preferably some dependable allies to reap the rewards that lay beyond.

In addition to brand new weapons & armour, there'll be a chance for those lore fiends among you to learn such abominations came . Each boss will drop a unique tome, explaining their origins & motives. Additionally, to learn more about the tragic story of Xeric & the history of Kourend, you may now visit the historical archives, via Arceuus Library.The Chambers will dynamically scale to provide a challenge suitable for your party. Not only will they scale based upon the size of your party, but also adjust themselves to ensure they provide a challenging & engaging battle, suitable for the skill of your party.With up to 100 members in a party supported, you can take on the Chambers with all your allies, but the scaling means that you'll face a fierce fight whether there are 5 of you, or 50.

You can use the recruitment board to form your own party, advertise it to others and manage its members. The board will also list parties that other players are hosting, so you can see their members and join the team.In order to make finding allies a little easier, we've implemented a Raiding Party Finder. To use this, use the message board near the entrance on the top of Mount Quidamortem. You can see it on your minimap indicated via the brown party finder icon on your minimap.Lovakengj House has set up a minecart track up to Mount Quidamortem to service the expedition there. If you collect a control scroll off Miriam, near the Lovakengj bank, and deliver it to Stuliette on the mountain, you’ll be able to travel there much more conveniently on future trips.Rewards

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