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Press Release   •   Jun 01, 2017 02:52 GMT

Hello, Runescape Fans! This week, treasure hunter will be back again! You can find relics on treasure hunter and smash them.When Will Relics Start?From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 31st May until 23:59 UTC on 5th June, you can find relics on treasure hunter.What Can You Find Relics?You can find relics on treasure hunter, then smash them open to buy cheap runescape gold and find out what’s hidden within.

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What Will Relics Contain?

The relics can contain all manner of Treasure Hunter goodies, including a chance for certain long-lost artefacts, such as Monkey mace and hats, Shark fists, Alchemist’s amulet, D&D Tokens (daily, weekly, monthly), TzHaar whip, Coin of Balance and Samid Gloves,Pay attention: Not only can you win relics as you open chests, but you can also find them around Gielinor up to two per day. But this is only available on members’ worlds, and not to Ironman accounts.

Party Member

Unlike other skills that are trained alone, players can cooperate to train in groups of up to five players, receiving much experience per dungeon, although solo is possible and widespread. Most players would like to grind the deeper floors with a group rather than a solo. While completing these dungeons, players may earn experience in other skills by accomplishing various skill-related tasks. The items and skill materials involved are all different to their counterparts on the surface.

There are a number of methods you can use to form or join a party. You must be in or near the castle's courtyard to join up with other players.

Solo: Raid a dungeon by yourself, simply don't invite any other players.

Pick-up group: Go through the "free-for-all" barrier or into one of the themed dungeon rooms to automatically be placed in a party or a solo dungeon. When entering one of the themed rooms, you will be presented with an interface where you must choose the floor you wish to raid, and you will only be placed in a party with players who have chosen the same floor as you. You can also see the number of players queuing for a certain floor in the room.

How to start?

You must place your items and combat gears in your bank before heading into the dungeons. There are only some items can put in the bank: the ring of kinship, orb of oculus and a number of experience boosting pendants, such as Pendants of Skill and Prized pendants of Skill. You can find a Fremennik banker just outside the courtyard, speaking with him, who can sail you to a peninsula on the east side of the wilderness.

A castle courtyard is located in the middle of the peninsula. In the courtyard, there are several entrances to different realms of the dungeon. Outside the courtyard, the Dungeoneering tutor can describe the highlight of the skill and give you the ring of kinship.

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