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Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2017 02:45 GMT

This anniversary sees the absolution of Misthalin Mystery - the 2016 Halloween accident acclimatized into a quest! We've aswell fabricated some changes to the bead amount and attributes of rs 2007 gold the Rigour and Augury adoration scroll, and accept fabricated a agglomeration of graphical superior of activity updates.

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Misthalin Mystery

Both free-to-play players and associates akin can advice break the Misthalin Mystery. This quest, based on the 2016 Halloween event, can be started in the south-eastern bend of Lumbridge Swamp by talking to Hewey or Abigail.

Dark Dejected Graceful

Pirate Jackie the Fruit, begin at the Brimhaven Agility Arena, now offers a Graceful recolour to bout the Agility skillcape. This can alone be activated to a apparent Graceful set and costs 250 tickets.If you ambition to backslide your aphotic dejected Graceful, you can use it on Pirate Jackie the Fruit. Beware, you will not get your tickets aback if accomplishing this.

Male Armadyl Tweaks

When macho characters abrasion Armadyl equipment, abundant beneath derma is visible.

Max Fire Cape Tweaks

The Max Fire Cape now appearance an anchored adaptation of the arrangement begin on the Fire Cape.

Smoother Piscarilius Sand

The beach begin aural the Piscarilius breadth in Great Kourend had been arena with some people's eyes a little bit. We've now smoothed it out so this is no best the case.

Battlestaves Lengthened

Previously, the Steam (or), Mist and Dust Battlestaves were almighty abbreviate for staves in Old School. We've now added to their length.

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