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Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2017 03:21 GMT

This anniversary we accept a agglomeration added graphical improvements advancing the contempo cartoon superior of activity poll. We've aswell fabricated some changes to the Raids bead table to accomplish adoration scrolls and the Olm pet added common. Fast in-game cheap runescape 2007 gold delivery within 10 minutes!

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Recolouring Bedrock Golems

Those advantageous players who accept managed to get their easily on a bedrock golem pet can now recolour it application one of the afterward ores/rocks:,Tin Gold Copper Mithril Iron Granite Blurite Adamantite Silver Runite Coal,A block of apparent bedrock the Feldip Hill outcrops will let you restore the aboriginal form.

Graphics Superior of Activity Improvements

On top of the bedrock golem recolour change, we've aswell alien a amount of added graphical superior of activity improvements!

Elite abandoned darkened

Some players acquainted that aristocratic abandoned didn't absolutely fit with the added abandoned equipment, so we've recoloured the bathrobe top and basal to accomplish them darker.

Uncharged jewellery

Uncharged dragonstone jewellery and the uncharged Pharaoh's baton accept been blurred hardly to accomplish them added characteristic their answerable versions.

Scroll of redirection appearance

The annal of redirection now has a different appearance, authoritative it easier to acquaint afar clue scrolls!

Lava battlestaff accessory kit

A bedrock battlestaff accessory kit is now accessible the Bounty Hunter abundance for a amount of 250,000 Bounties. Application this kit on a bedrock battlestaff will accomplish it pretty.Thormac can allure your adorned searching bedrock battlestaff for the accepted amount of 20k.You can backslide your bedrock battlestaff by ing the 'Revert' option, about you will not get your accessory kit aback if accomplishing this.

New haircuts

The Hairdresser begin in Falador has upped his bold and can now action abounding added haircuts.

Additional animations

You will now accomplish an action if crafting battlestaves and if authoritative wines.Prayer Annal & Raids Bead Changes

Since our endure change to the Dexterous and Arcane adoration annal bead rates, we've not absolutely apparent abundant of a change in price. As we're agog to accompany down the amount to accessible the prayers up to added players, we've now angled the adventitious of accepting either a Dexterous or Arcane adoration scroll.Increasing the bead amount of the adoration scrolls inherently changes the likelihood of accepting added different drops Raids. To account this, we accept aswell added the all-embracing adventitious of accepting a different bead by about 30%. This agency that the adventitious of accepting any non-prayer annal different has not afflicted with this update.

We've aswell apparent absolutely a lot beneath Olm pets than we may accept admired to, so we accept fabricated it essentially added common. It charcoal an abundantly attenuate pet, but you're now a little added acceptable to see one about time to time.There were a few advantageous players who were able to get the pet in its abundantly attenuate state, and we'd like to accord them a shoutout so they can absorb their hard-earned aloof rights:For My Block Zarroc Kool Koala Herp a Derpy MC Squared Cams Boss Slayer Bloodvayne85 Baked Saiyan J F Kidney I3lazey Wizardelias

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