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Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2017 02:25 GMT

My friends , have you noticed the news that Slayer will be increased to level 120? Do you think of this question? Jagex will be reading all of your feedback and the next step will buy rs gold be coming up with a design for 120 Slayer.

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Most player looking forward to enjoy 120 Slayer in game,The update of slayer has been discussed for a long time. Now, it will come true in game soon. Many players advocate a positive attitude to this event. Of course, the most important thing Jagex should do is to make the environment for slayer feels more natural.

Things most people hope to see with 120 Slayer:

1. Dungeoneering-style Slayer dungeon

2. Horde waves leading to a boss

3. XP rates appropriate for the extra 90m to go from 99-120

4. Maybe M&S rework teaser drops

Maybe the 120 slayer should be divided into three types of tasks

1. AFK, relaxing tasks but give low xp/hr and moderate gp/hr

2. Challenging monsters that give high xp/hr but moderate gp/hr

3. Boss-level monsters that require the highest level of effort but gives average xp/hr and high gp/hr.

This way we can appease the community who likes dark beasts, abyssal demons, etc, who may not have the time to spend focused for so long, as well as those who wish to have the best rates and are willing to dedicate the effort.

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