Have Fun with Ring of Rares&Up to 9% off rs 3 gold in April Fools Event Apr.8-Apr.15

Press release   •   Apr 03, 2019 02:51 GMT

Aside from farming J-Mods on J-Mod Collection list at your POF, what can you do in April Fool 2019 event? Try to get RuneScape ring of rares and ring of random with Up to 9% off rs gold from partyhat. You will find a new fun to prank on your fellow players.

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The item ring of rares is just available for the April Fools 2018 and April Fools 2019 events. With it, you can transform into a series of holiday items to surprise your friends. To get one ring of rares, you need to find one of the six colors of partyhats spawning at several certain locations. Picking up one of the hats can give you a chance to get a ring of rares. But remember, you can just own one ring of rares at any time, therefore, picking up more partyhats is useless, except that the one you own has been lost. With a ring of rare in your hand, you can transform into holiday items (including Any of the original six colors of partyhats, All Hallowe'en masks, Red and Black santa hat, Easter egg, Pumpkin and Christmas cracker) by attempting to put the ring on.

Introduction to ring of random

If you have a ring of rares, you are not far from having a ring of random. Just select a rare item while wearing the ring of rares, you’ll have it. Then put it on, you will be able to transform into a random old event NPC from Sergeant Damien, Drunken Dwarf, Evil Bob, Frog Herald, Genie, Quiz Master and more. After the April Fools event, the two rings will be removed from your inventory.

Have you used the RuneScape ring of rares and ring of random from partyhat to prank on your friends during April Fools 2019 event? Whether you use it or not, after the little prank, don’t forget to enjoy the game with your friends, also buy RS gold cheap from us for more fun.

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