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Press Release   •   Aug 10, 2017 02:25 GMT

Hello, Runescape Fans!Runescape has update the new Crystal Skillchompas.Please follow rsorder to read the full details of this week's new RuneScape feature.Today, let's take a glance at the details from the new RuneScape functions this week: for many of our gamers. We have lots of ways to grasp, but if within doubt, please include rodents.Mod Timbo discussed a number of runescape gold this season-related improvements this week within the next few months live event a week ago - especially with the introduction of very technology updates.

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Where to find the new Crystal Skillchompas?

In the faraway of the Isfeld forest, located on the northern coast of Tyras Camp this new tier of skill can be found.

What's the advantages of Crystal Skillchompas?

Capture them from the hunters and use them from 61 divination, fishing, mining or wood carving in the relevant skills to enjoy the better advantage.

What's the new updates of Skillchompa?
* Runescape have also made a series of improvements to overall work style to make it more useful for your skills training:
* There is now the opportunity to capture multiple skills at any Agility level and grant XP for each crawling skill.
* After reaching some agile thresholds, the opportunity to capture multiple skills reaches 100%.
* Skillchompas can now run from your inventory, or you can work while waving.
* You can now place a cartridge trap in combat.
* When using skillchompas, you will receive tips on the invention tool XP failure.

Other Patch Description:
In this week's patch notes there are many highlights that can be seen by free players and Dungeoneering fans:
Crustaceans and bat armor can now be made and produced by free players.
The large underground city can now start with two players' gatherings.
Dungeoneering and Sinkholes maps will now remain open while playing and dynamically updated as players move between rooms.
Fishing, farming (plants and plot), mining, woodcut, prayer altar and call the obelisk skills icon will now appear on a small map while Dungeoneering.

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