Latest News about RS Laniakea New Slayer Master with Clusters Tasks

Press release   •   Jun 18, 2019 09:59 GMT

More content coming with the Land Out of Time update has been revealed runescape gold currently. There will be eight new Slayer creatures, new Slayer task type called clusters, and new high-level Slayer master named Laniakea.
New Slayer monsters in the Land Out of Time

According to the latest official video on YouTube, there will be 8 brand-new Slayer creatures in the Land Out of Time RuneScape. These new Slayer monsters will range from level 90 Slayer to level 114 Slayer. While RuneScape Big Game Hunter creatures are very much dinosaur-themed, the Slayer monsters released with the Land Out of Time update are plant-based creatures with a more natural root, such as canyon plants and others.
New Slayer task type – clusters RuneScape

With these new Slayer creatures, a new type of Slayer tasks called clusters RuneScape will also be added to game. You will get a dragon task and be asked to kill dragons, and you will have the choice of which type of dragon you want to kill.
New Slayer master – Laniakea RuneScape

The new Slayer tasks clusters we have mentioned above will be assigned to you by Laniakea, who is a brand-new high-level Slayer master. Laniakea RuneScape will require level 90 Slayer and level 120 combat to access. In addition to the new cluster tasks, Laniakea will assign you similar tasks to the ones you can get from Morvran with some lower tier creatures removed.
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