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Press release   •   Apr 08, 2019 02:57 GMT

There have a new Treasure Hunter promotion coming – Glitter Bomb,Now,Let's buy runescape gold to see all details about it.Is this really what you guys do to RuneScape gold people who have backed you for over a decade and a half? People who have supported you via all the other purchases, and promotions throughout? I was willing to wait for delayed content, broken promises, significant mechanics changes, bonus loot/boss/etc weekends drastically devaluing loot and the merit of getting pets/achievements I grinded weeks to get and helped friends and clannies get, the MTX spam, and other sources of revenue. Yet you're willing to spit in my face over $3.50 a month?

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Glitter Bomb RuneScape is active from 00:00 on April 4th and runs until 23:59 game time on April 8, 2019.

Glitter Bombs are obtained in Treasure Hunter chests.There are totally three kinds of glitter bombs available then, including the small glitter bomb, medium glitter bomb, large glitter bomb, as well as huge glitter bomb.

RuneScape glitter bombs can be used for bonus experience in chosen skill with a small amount applied to all other skills. The glitter bomb is similar to the celebration lamp, but offers bonus experience rather than direct experience.

When you open the TH chest that contains a glitter bomb, you can crack the glitter bomb and enjoy a certain amount of bonus XP added into the skill you choose, and a small amount of bonus XP to all other skills.

And the bonus XP gained from the Glitter Bomb Treasure Hunter promotion can be used to exchange with RuneScape Portable Trader, which will be available from April 23 to May 26, 2019.

Jagex has netted... a lot off of me, and I really don't regret that. But could've made A LOT more off me new job with way higher salary was the main reason I haven't been playing. But nope. Gotta be miserly over membership fees instead. Mobile has been a blast, and I was greatly enjoying it even dropping for bonds constantly because my RNG luck is cursed, and it was fun anyhow going at it with people that are that damn good at utilizing their loadouts to get those occasional times you're dropping them in a 3/4 hit.

But instead of showing love back to us who have enjoyed the game so much, and given you so much back in financial resources, you guys want to charge AAA prices and stiff your loyal player base thinking it will benefit your masters with level 1 mining. It won't. I was genuinely thinking of trying to mop up in Solomon's store things I lacked and diving back heavily into RS3. Guess what? I can't see that if you guys are willing to just stiff me over something this minor.

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