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Press release   •   Jul 15, 2017 02:20 GMT

This week's update brings brand new Lizardman Shaman cave as well as a series of changes including Master Scroll Book, Brutal Black Dragons, Elite clue scrolls and Preserve Prayer Improvements.Lizardman Shaman Cave with 8 Lizardman Shaman is located in the northern end of the Lizardman Settlement. Only on a Lizardman Slayer assignment and with 2007 runescape gold and 100% Shayzien favour can Lizardman Shaman be killed.Note that 2 Shaman spawns and the safespots in Lizardman Shaman have been removed now. you can't earn Menaphite coins from the daily cap. But you are able to get a refund of RuneCoins for any cap extenders purchased within a few days.
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Brutal Black Dragon Changes

Level 77 Slayer requirement is added to kill Brutal Blace Dragons by Jagex. And Dragon full helm are removed now from their drop table.

Master Scroll Book

Master Scroll Book is a rare reward from all tiers of clue scroll. You now can buy the Master Scroll Book from other players. You can store up to 1,000 of each type of teleport scroll within the book. This includes all scrolls received as rewards from treasure trails, as well as Zul-andra and Key master teleport scrolls. The tradeable book available only when it is emptied.

Elite Clue Scroll Steps

The maximum steps of an elite clue scroll has been reduced from 9 - 12 to 5 - 7 to bring the elite tier of clue scrolls into line with the others.

Preserve Prayer Improvements

The Preserve prayer has now been improved to make the prayer a bit more useful:

1. Boosted stats now last 50% longer when Preserve is active, rather than the original 20%.

2. The prayer point drain rate when using Preserve has been decreased from 5 points per minute to 3 points per minute.

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